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15. 11. 2014
Behind the Mirror, Wish you were here utah, utah, red mountain resort, amanda teague, jennifer poland

Wish You Were Here, Utah

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15. 09. 2014
New York Fashion Week, Vogue, Phil Oh, Outside Marc by Marc Jacobs, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague

Hot Off the Press – New York Fashion Week

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09. 09. 2014

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29. 08. 2014
asian girl with long hair in grey sweater with ear cuff wrapped around the top of ear

Shut Up & Drive Playlist

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27. 08. 2014
Living Proof Hair Mask, Behind the Mirror, The Hair Mask

The Hair Mask

The summer has started to wind down and I’ve started to worry over the sun damage endured in the last couple months. Repairing my salt and sun soaked hair with restoring products moved...

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26. 08. 2014
rough elbows

Tuesday Tip: Rough Elbows?

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22. 08. 2014
long fish braid on girl with grey silver hair, behind the mirror, like your face

Like Your Face

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21. 08. 2014
Lessons Learned, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague, Rockaway Beach, New York

5 Lessons Learned

Several years ago I found myself constantly surrounded by negativity at work. At first, I joined in… it’s fun to bitch and complain. But, it didn’t take me long to realize that this...

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19. 08. 2014
Tuesday Tips, Cold Shower, pebbles on bathroom floor with drain and some soap and wash cloth, behind the mirror,

Tuesday Tip: Cold Shower

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15. 08. 2014
Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum of Art, Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague

Wish You Were Here, Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

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13. 08. 2014
Fresh Soy Face Exfoliate, Behind the Mirror, How to exfoliate your face

How to Exfoliate Your Face

I am in a serious battle with the skin on my face.

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25. 07. 2014
girl with freckles applying lipstick while wearing heart shaped red sunglasses, behind the mirror, forget shit and move on, weekend inspiration

Forget Shit and Move On

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23. 07. 2014
Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague, How to Fix Discolored Nails, DIY, Baking Soda,

DIY: How to Fix Discolored Nails

It’s common knowledge that I have a love-hate relationship with nail color.

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18. 07. 2014
Behind the Mirror, wish you were here, Aw Weiwei, Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC, According to What?

Wish You Were Here, Ai Weiwei Exhibit

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15. 07. 2014
Tips to help hair color last longer, behind the mirror, shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner, color lover conditioner, bleached hair

Tips to Help Hair Color Last Longer

As fate would have it, a last minute scheduling conflict forced me to go outside my comfort zone and find someone besides Katja (my normal hair guru) to dye my hair before my...

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