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19. 08. 2014
Tuesday Tips, Cold Shower, pebbles on bathroom floor with drain and some soap and wash cloth, behind the mirror,

Tuesday Tip: Cold Shower

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15. 08. 2014
Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum of Art, Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague

Wish You Were Here, Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

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13. 08. 2014
Fresh Soy Face Exfoliate, Behind the Mirror, How to exfoliate your face

How to Exfoliate Your Face

I am in a serious battle with the skin on my face.

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25. 07. 2014
girl with freckles applying lipstick while wearing heart shaped red sunglasses, behind the mirror, forget shit and move on, weekend inspiration

Forget Shit and Move On

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23. 07. 2014
Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague, How to Fix Discolored Nails, DIY, Baking Soda,

DIY: How to Fix Discolored Nails

It’s common knowledge that I have a love-hate relationship with nail color.

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18. 07. 2014
Behind the Mirror, wish you were here, Aw Weiwei, Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC, According to What?

Wish You Were Here, Ai Weiwei Exhibit

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15. 07. 2014
Tips to help hair color last longer, behind the mirror, shimmer lights shampoo and conditioner, color lover conditioner, bleached hair

Tips to Help Hair Color Last Longer

As fate would have it, a last minute scheduling conflict forced me to go outside my comfort zone and find someone besides Katja (my normal hair guru) to dye my hair before my...

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11. 07. 2014
San Diego, California, Behind the Mirror, Wish You Were Here, beaches, seals, rocks, trees, mountains

Wish You Were Here, San Diego

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07. 07. 2014
Victoria Secret Ad Campaign, Love your body, Behind the Mirror, What I learned about Body Image from a Victoria Secret Model,

What I learned about Body Image from a Victoria’s Secret Model

Once during an extensive case of being distracted on the Internet I stumbled upon a Victoria’s Secret model’s tips to looking the way she does. I am pretty sure it was Alessandra Ambrosio,...

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04. 07. 2014
Happy 4th of July, Behind the Mirror, pretty girl with blonde hair walking out to the ocean with an american flag blowing in the ocean breeze

Happy 4th of July

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28. 06. 2014
two girls in a blanket on the beach with heart sunglasses

Best Friends Forever

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23. 06. 2014
URBAN OUTFITTERS PETAL PERFUME OIL, A fragrance that surprised me, behind the mirror

A Fragrance that Surprised Me

Over the lifetime of my blog I can’t recall a time I’ve posted anything about fragrances.

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19. 06. 2014
Amanda Teague from Behind the Mirror Beauty Blog

A Beauty Blog to Love

I get asked a lot what my favorite blogs are to read. As hard as it may be to believe,

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17. 06. 2014
A Beauty Guide for Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black Beauty Guide

As a general rule I try not to be presumptuous. But, between weekend brunches and sunny beach days my conversations have led me to believe it is safe to say most of us...

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13. 06. 2014
gisele holding a yellow soccer ball to celebrate the world cup in brazil

Whatever Forever

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