The Refreshing Thai Massage

haad gruad beach resort and spa, Thailand, Thai massage, Ko pha ngan,

I have learned several things during my time here in Thailand on the island of Ko Pha Ngan.  (more…)

Wish You Were Here, Ko Pha Ngan

koh phangan, thailand, sunrise beach thailand, holiday vacations, thailand (more…)

The Common Cold From Hell

common cold from hell, girl breathing under water, detox bath

For most of the last week I have been sick. And I mean, I have BEEN sick. I’m not currently sick, I’m currently in Tokyo not allowing myself to be sick. But, this is what got me from there to here, besides the plane.  (more…)

The Holiday Pre-game Party Look

The Pre-game Holiday Party Look, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague

At the ripe old age of not in my twenties, I still enjoy a good pre-game celebration-party-dance-drinks… It sets the pace. The pre-game either knocks you out before you leave (which is useful, better to be knocked out at home or a friend’s couch than at the bar) or it gets you energized to seize the night full of opportunities for run-around-sue-fun. (more…)

A White Christmas Playlist for Beyoncé

Behind the Mirror in Snow


A couple things happened this week. For starters, a woman named Beyoncé pulled some serious tricks out of her hat. How that bitch breastfeeds, updates instagram & tumblr regularly, keeps Jay happy, and oh! releases an album with 14 songs and then just to let everyone know she really is unstoppable includes 17 videos. Really? Seriously? (more…)

Winter Body Ready

winter body ready, bare legs in a grey sweater, no pantsA big part of any routine is listening to your body.  For example, I’ve pretty much had the same face routine since I was 16 years old… As someone who is more than a decade past 16, this seems odd. Also, as someone who reads countless articles on the difference of your skin in your teens, twenties, and thirties it strikes me as odd that nothing else seems to work for me.  (more…)

Honey, It’s a Body Scrub Ya’ll

As New Yorkers we talk a lot about the joy it brings us to get out of the city. Mostly, in an effort to “relax.” Because yes, we have to completely leave our homes and city to “relax.” Where most people can light a fire and have a cup of tea, New Yorkers need to get out of the city any chance they get. It pretty much goes like this every time.  (more…)


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