Set the Tone with your Eyes

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 The tone in which we communicate often says more than the words that come out of our mouths. For example, I have this friend and every time she tells a story where I say something she adds in a bunch of stuff that I didn’t actually say because for her my tone said those things and so in retelling the story she wants others to understand what she understood. So frankly, she exaggerates.


Wish You Were Here, Tokyo

Tokyo, Behind the Mirror, Shibuya Crossing, Amanda Teague (more…)

The Secret to Not Looking Tired

the secret to not looking tired, pillows and sheets, lazy daysSomething extremely alarming is happening this week and no, it is not the snow storm of the century, who has been named Hercules which makes me laugh beyond your imagination. I have woken up for two days in a row rested and in the same position I went to sleep the night before. It is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, and all of this happened before my alarm clock went off.


Wish You Were Here, Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok China Town, Chinese (more…)


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