Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Who Me?, About


It has been almost a year a while since we did an “about” post.

I am Amanda, and this is my blog. This is where you can find my quirky take on beauty, written from a fashion girl’s perspective to the annoyances and trials to maintain a successful beauty routine after our twenties while “shifting” into our thirties: trying to have it all, the family, the relationship, the energy, a career, and most importantly who we are as women. In short, this is a journey about happiness one beauty routine at a time.

Along with a lot of personal beauty adventures, you will find the site is frequently spiced up with more than beauty – inspiration from my travels, photo muses, stylish men and women who wear beauty well, magical concoctions, and occasional thoughts on music & fashion.


Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Who Me?, About


I am a southerner turned New Yorker by way of Alphabet City over 10 years ago. I plan Marc Jacobs retail business by day. Therefore, you will often hear from my MJ girls who contribute to very informal and unscientific polls mainly conducted on g-chat. We also snoop Behind the Mirror of many new faces constantly.

Inspired after I was horrified to learn one of my best friends hadn’t applied lotion in seven months following the birth of her daughter, I set out to create a quick, easy site for women to go to for home remedies and news on the latest beauty products.

I love: time alone, long baths, big glasses of wine, the beach, a good book, Mr. Assouline, leopard, fashion magazines, to travel, oxford commas, and Portugal the Man a lot.


Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Who Me?, About


So, now it is your turn. Who are you? Tell me in the comments.

Oh! And, I look like this now!

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amiram Assouline & Katerina Stavreva, xoxo behind the mirror***
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