Friday Bitch Playlist

weekendFriday Bitch Playlist

Is this spring break? Nah, it’s just Friday…

partyFriday Bitch Playlist

dark balloonsFriday Bitch Playlist

thats my bitchFriday Bitch Playlist

danceFriday Bitch Playlist

celebrateFriday Bitch Playlist

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, xoxo behind the mirror***
pixelFriday Bitch Playlist
  • Foyin Og

    great playlist! i’m a huge fan of lykke li and haim!

    • Behind the Mirror

      Right!?!?!? Gets me through the week every time!

  • The StyleShaker

    great list!

    • Behind the Mirror

      Thanks so much!!!

  • Natalia

    Love the last photo! x

    • Behind the Mirror


  • Donald

    Haha, great music, I am obsessed with Haim and Arcade Fire.
    xx Donald

    • Behind the Mirror

      Thanks! Clearly, you know how I feel, haha… love them too.

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