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After the 70+ degrees we experienced a couple weekends ago in New York I was ready to paint some color on my toes. Then, I woke up last Wednesday morning to snow, but it didn’t matter because mentally I already shifted into warm weather mode. About this time every year it hits me hard, like a ton of bricks, that in a couple weeks (ok, a bit longer than a couple weeks) I am going to need to put on a bathing suit. As we learned here, I like to be ready to throw on a bathing suit at any time during the year. However, I am only human, so during the cold winter months I let some things slide that need to be taken care of before this alleged summer comes.

I found myself running all over town last week in preparation for warm weather. I guess the truth is, New York is a big place and I don’t have just one salon or spa that meets all my needs. Certain people at certain places have become my go-to for maintaining a perfectly groomed self. Below is the first of what I am hoping will be many Beauty Maps. In my defense most of my places are in lower Manhattan and are convenient for me because they are near my home or office. You will notice I don’t venture uptown… New York is funny that way… we have this great big city to explore with endless possibilities and yet most of us stay within a four block radius of where we live, “our neighborhood” if you will.

beauty map, new york city, lower manhattan, mario badescu, bliss spa, great jones spa, parlor hair salon, ave. a nails, sephora

1.) Mario Badescu**
320 E. 52nd street, ground floor
New York City, NY 10022
Best Facial in New York! For starters this facial includes the extraction of clogged pores at no extra cost, which doesn’t happen everywhere. Next, the facial is only $65 USD, and they take appointments on Sundays. Enough said. 
2.) Parlor
102 Ave. B, ground floor
New York, NY 10009
A bit pricey… it is, I know. However, the cut and color that I get there is second to none. Worth every penny.
3.) Top A Nail Salon
137 Ave. A, ground floor
New York, NY 10009
May not be the nicest salon, but it is definitely the fastest. Which scores high with me, especially when I need to quickly get my nails done. Which is how I need to get my nails done every week.
4.) Bliss Spa
568 Broadway, 2nd floor
New York, NY 10012
I have gone to a lot of places and received a lot of waxes. This is hands down the least painful wax in the city. They use a gel vs. a traditional wax and it makes a big difference. And while most “nicer” spas already do this, they change the wax stick with every dip. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone and they don’t do this. It is gross. I don’t want the stick that just touched me going back in the pot. Sorry, I don’t, and they don’t either. Thank God. 
5.) Sephora
555 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Because when have you ever been running around taking care of grooming and not needed to run into Sephora? 
6.) Great Jones Spa
29 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012
Love the spa treatments here, specifically the Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Glow.

If you find yourself running around lower Manhattan, any one of these places are more than capable to meet your beauty needs.

And as always, if there is a beauty specialty that you love and I didn’t touch on above please leave it in the comments below. If you would like to read more about my experiences at Parlor or Mario Badescu please check out the following posts here & here.

***beauty always comes from within, map created by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
**the arrow points a little lower than where MB actually is, my bad**
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