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Last weekend my legs and I ventured out into the sun for the first time this year. It was unfortunate to say the least. I am sure that small children, or really anyone who would have been eye level, suffered. I can only imagine the blinding rays that my pale, shockingly white legs reflected off from the sun’s gleaming beams. While hoping those poor people and possibly animals were wearing sunglasses I remembered a post I put up last year about my friend Holly.

You may remember Holly; she was my summer-lovin-boy-attention-hoarder-doing-somersaults bff in high school. She was the one that has the most muscular-amazing-girl-crush legs you could imagine. She has the legs that I couldn’t ignore or my envy to have them as my own. Because they enabled her to do somersaults, back handsprings, and a number of interesting things in the pool while the boys were watching. Only making the envy grow more and more…

Well, the point of that story then and the point of this story now is it occurred to me last weekend just as it had so many years ago, “I have to get these two legs warm weather ready…”

Again, these are the tricks that have been used to imitate the amazingness of Ms. Holly’s legs.

Get a smooth shave.

First things first – According to Dr. Ellen Gendler, a dermatologist in New York City, “Shaving is a form of exfoliation—doing so before applying self tanner provides a smooth surface for an even application.” I don’t recommend using your boyfriend’s razor for these things… Most women’s hair is much finer than men’s. Therefore, a more sensitive razor such as Schick Intuition Razor Sensitive Skin works best.

Exfoliate Your Skin.

My go to every time is Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish. It is perfect, especially if you are planning to use a self tanner. A lot of sea-salt scrubs contain oils that will sit on your skin and create a barrier between you and the self-tanner.

warm weather ready legs, behind the mirror, tricks for tan legs, summer legs

Apply The Perfect Tanner or Tinting Moisturizer.

If you are a self-tanning virgin, like with all things virgin, take it slow. I love to use Victoria Secret’s Beach Sexy Instant Tan lotion. It is very simple with no streaking. If you are feeling nervous take a step back to a gradual tanner such as Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin moisturizer. The main thing to remember with self-tanner is it leaves you feeling sticky. Dusting yourself with a dime size amount of baby powder to the area works wonders. Just sweep the powder over your body with a fluffy brush. You might look like some white out from the powder, so it’s best to try this trick at bedtime.

Use a Contouring Trick or Two.

Those celebs on the red carpet don’t all have perfectly toned calves. I learned this the hard way. Many years spent trying to get perfectly toned legs like my summer-lovin-boy-attention-hoarder-doing-somersaults bff were a waste. What I really needed to learn was how to contour my legs. To highlight (or – uh – fake) a bit of muscle tone when showing off the gams, dust a pale pink shimmer powder down your shins in a straight line. This will draw eyes vertically and make legs look longer. I also like to bronze the knees a bit. The knees naturally get more sunlight, therefore a bit of bronzer makes things faux realistic.

So the next time you find yourself filled with anxiety over the envy you possess to have the perfect legs, hair, skin, or whatever remember this… All you need is a couple beauty tricks and tips to turn the summer into run-around-sue fun!

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, xoxo behind the mirror***

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