Lorac Concealer & Highlighter Duo, Behind the Mirror, The Foolproof Concealer

Freshman year of college, I’m living in the dorms with a million other girls, and in walks a very beautiful classmate with the most perfect makeup I had ever seen. Me being me, and having recently moved to the big city (Nashville – NOT the actual big city) I thought we should become fast friends. I was wrong. You see, she was one of those girls that was enrolled for an MRS degree and not so much anything else. So rather than actually becoming friends with her I would try out some of her makeup in the bathroom when she wasn’t around. It sounds like stealing but it was more like testing… Sephora doesn’t press charges for it, so we shouldn’t prejudge.

Lorac was her makeup of choice. And, it was a good choice that I thought looked equally as good on me. But it was tainted. Tainted by her lack of cool. Ever since I saw ms. ‘perfect makeup’ rocking the Lorac eye shadow I thought to myself, I really want that… Thing is her style had not a single thing in common with mine… which made Lorac seem super lame to me. Either way I finally bit the bullet and bought the eye shadow I had so deeply fallen in love with. However, every time I saw the eye shadow it made me feel like a lady in an apron waiting for her insurance salesman husband to get home to tell her about his hard day and then she is going to pop open a beer for him and they are going to do nothing of interest for the rest of the night.

Lorac Concealer & Highlighter Duo, Behind the Mirror, The Foolproof Concealer

It was a legit concern. So fast forward over a decade and I still have not bought Lorac again. Until last week. As you know, I am on the continual search for the perfect under eye concealer. And at last, I think I have found it. The secret is in the highlighter, not the concealer. Why no one ever told me that is beyond me, but here I am now telling you.

The Lorac Concealer also has a highlighter attached because naturally they go together. What I have learned throughout my years is that you want to buy a concealer that is a half shade lighter than your foundation. What I love most about this concealer stick is it is intense enough that you don’t have to apply a thick layer. When a concealer requires you layer it on thick it tends to get caught in the natural creases of your face, which can age your appearance.

What you do:

1.) Apply the concealer stick to the inside corners (area closest to the nose) under the eye and blend it softly with a small brush. I really like the Sephora brushes, they aren’t too expensive and they last a long time.

2.) Switch to the highlighter wand. Apply by making dots above your cheekbones along the eye socket.

3.) Next, switch back to the concealer stick and apply with a brush or your finger to the area right under the arch of your eyebrows, the eyebrow wing.

Lorac Concealer & Highlighter Duo, Behind the Mirror, The Foolproof Concealer

4.) Finally, switch back to the highlighter wand and make dots above the brow.

5.) Blend with the makeup brush or your fingers and you’re done.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first with all the switching back and forth, but you can apply it in whatever order you want. That is just the order I do it. The other thing is, I don’t always do above and below my eyebrows. It looks nicer when I do, but you know me. I am lazy as F$@#.

Any other great concealer tips out there? Let me know in the comments.

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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