As a general rule I try not to be presumptuous. But, between weekend brunches and sunny beach days my conversations have led me to believe it is safe to say most of us binge-watched some Orange is the New Black last week. Obviously. So while lists of demands were being fulfilled through a tunnel full of sewer, I couldn’t help but wonder what my commissary tab would consist of or what I would have to get in from the outside.

I would like to think I could go au natural. A more realistic version of myself while incarcerated in a federal prison would require at the very least some under eye concealer because if I think the bags need some attention now, only Crazy Eyes could imagine the attention they would require on the inside. Oh! and some shimmery lip gloss in orange. Again, obviously. As an observer who still has all my rights, it appears some blue eyeshadow comes in handy, but let’s skip that in lieu of some subtle nail polish? The beauty guide is as follows… “because bitches gots to learn.”

click map

1// Clarins Sunscreen 2// Nars Blush 3// Chanel Nail Polish 4// Chanel Black Eyeliner
5// Mac Lipstick 6// YSL Lip Gloss

So what beauty product could you just not live without if you had to spend 15 months in a federal prison?

***beauty always comes from within, photo created by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

Clarins Sunscreen Nars Blush Chanel Nail Polish Chanel Eyeliner Mac Lipstick YSL

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