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I get asked a lot what my favorite blogs are to read. As hard as it may be to believe,
a lot of people hear about blogs, they know what blogs are, but unless it is something as huge as Refinery 29, Into the Gloss, or something the New York Times is producing your average friend probably can’t find the truly beautiful gems. Things get lost on the wide world of webbing. With that being said, most of my friends come to me for advice on beauty blogs in particular. These are some of my favorites. And let’s just say you’ve been warned. Because once you indulge you will see these guys are going to be daily distractions.

Her New Tribe

I usually start my blog reading here. The beauty inspiration boards alone are enough to get me feeling creative. So many beautiful pictures. I often end up staying on Stephanie Duncan’s site for far too long.

Citron & Guavaberry

Lately, I have really enjoyed reading this amazing beauty blog. I love every chance I have to get caught up on all her beauty adventures. There’s a lot of Canadian humor, eh? It is blush obsessed and funny.

Amanda Teague from Behind the Mirror Beauty Blog

Beauty Bets

I am going to go ahead and coin Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets the queen of DIY. I am sure that title is already given to someone else because it isn’t very original but she actually deserves this crown. I almost always try the DIY beauty routines she is suggesting, If you are looking for some I can do it all inspiration give it a read.

Queen of All You See

Hailing all the way across the world from me in NYC is Shayne. Her product reviews are great. Not only are they thought out, but they are honest. She has amazing tricks for looking your best in some serious heat. You guys know how much I like to travel to much hotter climates, so I take her advice very seriously.

 Amanda Teague from Behind the Mirror Beauty Blog

Recently, Katerina and I shot a little promo video for this beauty blog to love, Behind the Mirror. It’s me running around the city, doing a little blogging, and you know… the norm? So, give it a watch. I had a lot of fun making it and I hope you enjoy it too.­­­

***beauty always comes from within, photo & video by Katerina Stavreva, xoxo behind the mirror***
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