URBAN OUTFITTERS PETAL PERFUME OIL, A fragrance that surprised me, behind the mirror

Over the lifetime of my blog I can’t recall a time I’ve posted anything about fragrances. The reason for that would be I don’t care much about fragrances, perfume, women’s cologne, etc… Sure, I like to smell fresh, but I also like to run out the door in a huge rush every day trying to get to the office at the last possible minute before my termination for tardies. So, during this crunch time, routines get evaluated and then some of them get skipped. It really has nothing to do with a dislike for smelling nice and more to do with the simple fact that I don’t think about it.

Yes, there was the time at Governor’s Ball when I forgot deodorant and I feel confident I’ve smelled better, or when I went to the theater after a 90 degree day drenched in sweat… but for the most part I think I smell fine.

Like every girl, I like to indulge in the spritzing of my wrists and then rubbing them together (I know the rubbing breaks down the perfume blah blah blah) before a night out with the love of my life… but outside of that, I don’t really wear fragrances. However, understanding that with the current heat index I could use a little help when going directly from work to night time activities I threw this little roller perfume bottle in my bag.

URBAN OUTFITTERS PETAL PERFUME OIL, A fragrance that surprised me, behind the mirror

It had been sitting around and I thought to myself, Why Not? Dropped it in the bag and not much else happened. I forgot to use it until the other day. (This isn’t odd, I forget many things.) I was digging in the bottomless pit that I call my handbag and grabbed it instead of my chubby stick. To my delight I used it. Then I used it the next day. And again today. It is great. I’m loving it.

Urban Outfitters Rose Petals, Peony, and Bergamot Perfume Oil is infused with real rosebuds and because of the oversized roller ball it is easy to put on in a rush. I have become a little addicted as of late. It has a beautiful bottle that is pretty enough to pull out of your bag anywhere. The best part is the perfume oil isn’t expensive so it is a harmless addiction.

Do you guys have any easy secrets for smelling fresh even when your not?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
Perfume ℅ Tru Fragrance
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