What I learned about Body Image from a Victoria’s Secret Model

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Once during an extensive case of being distracted on the Internet I stumbled upon a Victoria’s Secret model’s tips to looking the way she does. I am pretty sure it was Alessandra Ambrosio, but that is not important. You know what I am talking about, right? Well, if you don’t it starts innocently enough. I was probably reading some Google news article and didn’t know everything there was to know about Victoria Secret’s Angel Wings or something so I took some time in my day (that I didn’t have) to Wikipedia the shit out of Victoria Secret models, the history of swimsuits, and probably a slew of other things that no one will ever ask me about nor will I need to share. But, if that moment does ever arise, I will have most likely forgotten everything I learned during this 10 minutes of nonsense anyways.

After falling down the rabbit hole, I read Alessandra say one of the ways she stays in good shape is by wearing as little clothing as possible at all times. Her philosophy is if you don’t have sweatpants and big baggy shirts as a crutch you make better choices about food, exercise, and overall health. Don’t quote me on that, it might have been a different model. Ok, I am with you. This is totally the wrong reason to take better care of yourself. Having a banging body is not the most important thing in the world. Agreed. But, I think we can all agree, having a banging body isn’t going to be upsetting either. Therefore, I decided to give her philosophy a try. I justified this with the idea of “if by wearing less clothing I end up making better choices about food, skincare, and exercise it seems like a win-win to me.”

Oddly, this worked for me. I have never been one to really cover up all that much, but it was still hard at first. I told myself, “Everyone pretty much knows what people’s bodies are going to look like under their clothes anyway, so really who cares? I know. Lots of people.

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Stay with me. I jumped on the crop top bandwagon earlier this summer and when you combined that with some summer shorts two things occurred. One, I felt much more confident about my body. Like when I sat down and those rolls of skin formed… it’s fine. It happens to everyone! I always feel self-conscious about these types of things and now with the new ‘I wear less clothing’ happening I realized there is actually nothing I can do about those rolls when I’m sitting down in a crop top. And that’s okay.

Two, with less clothing on I also see some of my little baby arm muscles from Yoga and Pilates. It is really exciting and has kept me going. It may be vain, but if I never saw those little baby muscles, which can maybe pick up 5 lbs, I would probably not continue to exercise regularly. Just keeping it real.

I also feel this philosophy has helped me embrace not only my body but also the differences between women’s bodies. My friend just had a baby 8 months ago and she looks like a rock star. She shouldn’t be in baggy sweats. Does her body look like it did pre-baby? No, and the truth is she looks more beautiful now than ever before. So why not celebrate this? I wondered if more women wore what they wanted and what they liked without worrying about how their body looks… all shapes and sizes… would everyone start to accept the differences between women’s bodies? There are for sure more variations in shape than we see regularly; it would be refreshing to not always see super models in swimsuits & crop tops. Maybe it could help with unrealistic body image expectations. I am the first to admit I am guilty of this too. Most of the photos I put up on the blog don’t have a lot of variation in shape. But, I would like to make an effort to change that. So far this summer, wearing less has taught me a couple things.

I wanted to get your thoughts… Can wearing fewer clothes be a confidence booster or should we stop worrying about body image and just focus on loving ourselves?

***beauty always comes from within, photos from google, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Arielle Berze

    I love Alessandra’s “advice.” It’s different, but it holds the tried and true “do it for yourself” motivation. I think in this case it’s a do it so you can feel comfortable with yourself, and if you don’t, work on changing it by eating better, exercising, etc so that you can gain self confidence.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

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  • I think that is a great idea! In winter I have a bad habbit of wearing leggings all the time or dresses with tights and then a week or two will go by before I put on actual pants! Then I feel so huge in pants that are tight! I now try to wear jeans at least every few days so I remember I can’t eat garbage all the time and expect to stay skinny!


  • Surprisingly, I somewhat feel the same about wearing less clothes (to an extent, of course. DNW to go around streaking). I used to be really uncomfortable wearing shorter shorts back in high school because I wasn’t exactly the slimmest, but somewhere along the way, my shorts got shorter and I was ok was that. Sure I have jiggly thighs, but I’m at a point in my life where I’m comfortable with that and the rest of my body. Fuq society’s standards/body policing regarding the female body, man.

    Oh man, aren’t random wiki sessions the greatest? I too, have spent countless hours reading about the VS angels and the company as a whole. Will that get me somewhere in life? Eh, probably not.

    • hahaha, glad to know I am not alone in the wide world of webbing distractions! And I am glad to hear you are rocking those shorter shorts!!! I am sure they look great.

  • Shannon Jenkins

    OMG love this!! It’s so true!! Happy Friday!

    <3 Shannon

  • Pamela

    Great post! I think that it’s all about how you feel about yourself. Sometimes I feel self conscious about wearing a crop top so I don’t and other times I wear one and feel like I’m rocking it. I don’t know if it necessarily changes my eating habits but if I feel comfortable in it I feel like I look better than if i go out feeling uncomfortable.

    <3, Pamela

  • Coco

    Dear Allie, I love how you totally turned silliness into wisdom :-) with time I’m learning to accept my body flaws, to like myself the way I am instead of striving for perfection. Great article! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

    • Thank you! Learning to accept my body is definitely on my list of thing to try and accomplish… taking longer than I thought LOL.

  • petra lorietta

    great post!:) working out and eating healthy is important, but we should definitely keep in mind that the photos of models in magazines are photoshoped, so comparing ourselves to them does not make sense. I know what I’m talking about, I used to work as a model and the photographers made me look absolutely different in every picture:D sometimes even my mom didn’t recognize me:D


  • loved this post so much cause its well written and mostly cause i can relate haha. I always wear a shirt top & shorts whenever i work out. but lately i decided to just toss the shirt and wear sports bra and shorts instead. Surprisingly this helps me get motivated to train more and be healthier. So Im going to have to agree with you on this :) i guess the act of showing more skin encourages people to accept their bodies fully.

    • omg! I know exactly what you are talking about… I too recently started working out in just my sports bra & while I don’t always feel confident enough to go for it, when I do it really is refreshing!!!

  • Such an interesting post! And very informative too! Have a great day!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,


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  • Alena Höldrich

    Actually that sounds like a quite good idea! I loved reading your comment, really funny and so true! Keep it up!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, stop by again.

    Kiss, Alena | meet me stylish

  • Great article, as always! Actually I don’t know if I should agree or not. Maybe, wearing less would just rise the pressure one is making himself to look better, fitter and “model-like”…Maybe, if I were forced to wear less and put in a room full of models and mirrors on the wall I would eat better and do more sports, eventually. But I guess that’s not exactly what you meant ;)
    Oh and about the pictures you are posting: try and and find professional and aesthetically pleasing photos of women with average body sizes for example in pinterest: it’s almost impossible!
    xx, Sarah

    • OMG! Yes, so I have been trying to make more of an effort, right… but it is really impossible. There are very few photos out there of women with average body sizes. It has been pretty disappointing. :(

  • You made me laugh with the first paragraph a lot!
    I am myself Spanish, latina from top to toe. In my personal opinion, latin people tend to be careless about showing their bodies. And although it doesn´t apply too much to me (neither too many of my Spanish friends, to be honest), here, in Chile, where I am living now the story is different. I arrived in summer and I remember contemplating flesh at its big splendor. And beauty on it. And confidence. And that feeling of “I think I am stunning” and don´t give a shit. Oh how much have I learned!
    So yes, I think that what we see in our everyday lives affects to how we see our everyday body.

    • Absolutely! I love the way you put that… “what we see in our everyday lives affects how we see our everyday body.” Perfect!!

  • We’re kind of loving this idea just a little bit. Just a little reminder to maybe only have one oreo lol


  • Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my post! I’m
    glad it was inspiring :)

    I think showing off more skin can definitely allow one to
    gain more love for their bodies. There’s nothing wrong in eating well and exercising.
    I too loved staring at those forming muscles. All that hard work paying
    off. I guess we just need to realize that victoria secret models
    are sexy, but so is every other woman!
    Flaunt those rolls!! I can’t stop them haha!

    • Thank you so much for your comment!! So far so good with the rolls, LOL.

  • What a cool post- love how confident you are about your body! :)


  • I think it’s a great little reminder! I once read, LONG LONG time ago, in a magazine that a girl should wear a camisole under her sweaters in winter because it can help her stay in shape – I mean, once the sweater comes off, you get to see everything… Plus, it’s just makes you feel pretty and when you feel great about yourself you think about eating better etc. :) Pencil skirts and slim-fit jeans work for me in addition to that. :)

    • Hey Natalia! I can totally see how wearing a nice camisole under sweaters would boost confidence. There is something extremely sexy about knowing you have on something so pretty underneath it all!

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