Forget Shit and Move On

california Forget Shit and Move On

new york Forget Shit and Move On

eyeshadow Forget Shit and Move On

lips Forget Shit and Move On

leave me alone Forget Shit and Move On

fish braid Forget Shit and Move On

forget shit and move on Forget Shit and Move On

heart sunglasses Forget Shit and Move On

pops Forget Shit and Move On


***beauty always comes from within, photos from so many places it took for-ever and some, xoxo behind the mirror***
pixel Forget Shit and Move On
  • She’s Dressing Up

    Gorgeous inspiration!

    • Behind the Mirror


  • Mel Canseco

    The past few months I have been with a less up tight mentality… You might like this post:

    Let me know what you think, it’s all about just being you and living life to the fullest


    • Behind the Mirror

      I feel you! Loved your post, your tattoo looks great! Followed you on bloglovin and look forward to your posts!

  • Beauty Follower

    Have a great month :)

  • Ashley White

    I love this! Sometimes you just gotta MOVE ON!


    • Behind the Mirror

      For realz.

  • Montserrat Sobral

    perfect mantra to start the week

    • Behind the Mirror

      It really is… sometimes thinking this way really keeps me going. (Although I feel like it is a little negative, lol)

      • Montserrat Sobral

        I know what you mean… but being stuck on it is not the best situation so… a bit of motion to get new energy is needed (after a while we can put things in order and blah blah blah) ;-)
        Hope you are doing well Amanda! best wishes xx

  • Natalia

    Very much so… :) Great inspo! x

    • Behind the Mirror

      Thank you so much!!! Hope you are doing great!!!

  • Coco

    You are the best!!!!! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

    • Behind the Mirror

      haha, Thanks. I love these pics too!

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