Fresh Soy Face Exfoliate, Behind the Mirror, How to exfoliate your face

I am in a serious battle with the skin on my face.
Do you ever feel like you just want to hit the reset button? Sometimes, try as I may, things just don’t go the way I planned. Life has this amazing way of carrying on to that expression “when the going gets tough” and then just staying there. The first place to show the battle scars of my mental & physical energy is always the skin on my face. The other morning I woke up with not one, but three huge ass pimples. Reset button required. It’s times like these that I stare at my red, bumpy complexion in the mirror and think to myself, “World! You cannot be serious?” I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The morning turns to the night and the only thing in between is picking at my nails (anxiety), taking deep breaths (stress), and spreadsheets & spreadsheets (deadlines). Reset button required.
Which is exactly what I did.
I took a break. You may or may not have noticed. It was good.

August is one of my favorite months. It is typically extremely hot. And, since I am always cold, August never does me wrong. August is a very minimal make-up month which speeds up my morning routine allowing me to sleep longer. It is almost the end of summer so not only do I usually have a nice glow to my skin thanks to the sun, I have also shed those extra pounds I put on in the cruel, winter months. I love August.

However, being a minimal make-up month means the three huge ass pimples needed to go. Reset button required.
Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant is my favorite for when “the tough get going.”

Fresh Soy Face Exfoliate, Behind the Mirror, How to exfoliate your face

How to Exfoliate Your Face:

What you need:
Your favorite face exfoliant
What you do:
Step 1 – Wet your finger tips but leave your face dry.
Step 2 – Squeeze a size of a quarter of the scrub onto your fingertips.
Step 3 – Rub fingers together to spread it out.
Step 4 – Start by rubbing it in small swirling circles across your cheeks, chin, around your nose, your upper lip and forehead. Continue doing this for at least 60 seconds but try for 3 minutes. (I barely make it 60 seconds.)
Step 5 – Flatten out your hands and press the palms against your face while drawing big circles across your cheeks, chin and forehead for 20 seconds.
Step 6 – Re-wet your hands and do this again.
Step 7 – Rinse until all the grains are gone.

I did this wrong for a long time. I didn’t hit the reset button until I read these instructions on the beauty department.

What are some of your favorite ways to hit the reset button?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

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