Lessons Learned, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague, Rockaway Beach, New York

Several years ago I found myself constantly surrounded by negativity at work. At first, I joined in… it’s fun to bitch and complain. But, it didn’t take me long to realize that this behavior wasn’t productive nor was it making my day to day richer.

In an effort to change this, I made the mistake of trying to change others around me to be more positive. I think of it as a rookie mistake. Once reality set in and I recognized I can’t control other people, I started to take things into my own hands.

I made a list of what I called “Rules to Live By.” Perhaps, lessons learned would have been a better title, but it serves the purpose either way. As I read or hear others say encouraging statements or pieces of advice I write them down.

Then, whenever I am in a funk or just feeling really down in the dumps and negative, I read them. Sometimes several times. And, sometimes I even have to put on the Garden State soundtrack while I read them. But, eventually I have found the list gets me feeling like I can conquer the day. I by no means think that this list is the only key to happiness, and I am sure that there are more that could add great value to my current list.

A friend recently asked me to share the list with her and then told me how she has also found a lot of comfort in reading it on tough days. So, I thought to share it…

1.) Strong people stand up for themselves but they also stand up for others, because they can. They are strong and they recognize that not everyone is. Sometimes all people need is a little help.

2.) Use change as an opportunity to grow.

3.) You always get a second chance.

4.) Go with the flow – When everything in life seems to be going wrong, mostly it’s meant to go wrong so that you may outgrow the things you need to outgrow and learn from those experiences.

5.) Laugh at confusion.

There is a lot more on the list. I will try to keep posting them.

What are some of your best lessons learned?

***beauty always comes from within, photo taken by Claire Newhouse, xoxo behind the mirror***

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