2014 Playlist1

It is finally time to head down south and celebrate Christmas. I will be spending my holiday weekend with family fending off parental requests for grandchildren, opening presents, and dodging any type of political conversation… as one does.

I typically spend some time rummaging through my grandmother’s closet for vintage finds and listening to some ‘I’ve lived longer than you’ wisdom from my Mother and Father. I’m sure all that sounds pretty typical… However the time off from work does provide the greatest feeling in the world, save perhaps for cute kittens on the internet, which is having nothing to do and no where to be. Just itinerary-free days that start without an alarm clock and end without the threat of a 9am meeting the next morning.

…And that should always have a good playlist. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

***beauty always comes from within, photo from here, xoxo behind the mirror***
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