Wish You Were Here, Road Trip: HWY 1

pt. one

A couple weeks ago Amiram and I decided to start our 2015 discovering new things. We headed out to the West Coast to see all the things that, I’ve decided, not enough people talk about. As someone who has traveled all the way around the world, taking flights for 24 hours, to see the sun rise off the shore of Thailand, California has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.


We started our road trip down Hwy 1 in San Francisco, CA. I wasn’t wow’d by San Fran. Clearly, I am not making a judgement call after only spending one day there. However, I think I’ve romanticized San Fran a little too much in my mind. (As shown by our first stop above.) The expectations I set for the city might have been too much. I’ve always had this bohemian idea of San Francisco with the hills, and open minded thinkers, hippies full of love, and like minded people wanting to make a change. This is not what I experience. I experienced a bunch of tech nerds that are rapidly changing the city. For better or worse… the city wasn’t full of folk singers peacefully bringing awareness to human rights. The city was full of expensive real estate and a lot of “cool” and “hip” restaurants. But, it was very beautiful and we had a wonderful time!















***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague & Amiram Assouline, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Yupp, that is definitely a romanticization of SanFran! (It’s ok, I romanticized Paris…and now that I’ve been, I definitely think it’s overrated. Gorgeous, but still overrated)
    IS THAT SOMEONES PET IGUANA OR IS THAT SOME RANDOM IGUANA GETTING HIS TAN ON? Those Greek/Roman architecture shots are gorgeous though!

    • uh… yea… that was someone’s pet iguana!!!! It was definitely on a leash, and it was hysterical!

  • Oh no, you destroyed my idea of San Fran. I think of long haired hippies and you say tech nerds!! Nevertheless I would love to visit it one day!!
    And you are so right: the most interesting things to see are often just around the corner. We Germans are so used to travel around the globe, that Germany actually is the country I less know.
    xx, Sarah

  • Beautiful pictures, and you look so cute!
    I am curious about the pictures showing the old building…the one with the columns, is it a ruin? Do you know what it is/was? :)

  • RedTagChicLA

    Wow Hwy 1 is such a scenic road – I will never get enough of it!!! Have FUN!!!

    Much love!

  • Shannon Jenkins

    So much fun!! All of that crab looks amazing!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  • Love all these photos, sorry it wasn’t what you were expecting but looks you had fun!!! That food looks amazing.

    xx 365hangers

  • Biana Perez

    Gorgeous pictures girl and I just love San Francisco!! Those crabs look amazing – YUM! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

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