New York Fashion Week Staples


Fashion week evokes a lot of different emotions for me. The energy is amazing. The city is crowded with the industry’s privileged and tall, skinny, off-duty models are on every corner of Soho with their long straight hair and fresh, makeup free faces. You find yourself riding the subway with Alexa Chung, or in an elevator with Karlie Kloss (holding a bag of chipotle no less – which didn’t make me feel good about my food choices), and sitting on bleachers shaking from bass. There are gift bags full of freebies, cocktails, a lot of flashing cameras, and crowds.

The fall 2015 shows marked somewhere around my 15th fashion week. And still, the day after our show I find myself running to work to read reviews, talk to friends about the backdrop, the nails colors, and everything in between.

While a lot of people are running around from show to show trying to get Uber on the right corner, my fashion week is a little different. Working for a designer, rather than a publication or department store, I have two MJ shows that I attend each season: Marc by Marc Jacobs & Marc Jacobs Collection. My days start earlier and my nights end later. Over the years I’ve learned a few shortcuts to make this time of year easier on myself.

I basically gave up eyeliner for five more minutes of sleep each morning, so it should be no surprise that my secrets to not looking tired get put on hold. Last week, I started taking my makeup bag with me everywhere. It just made life easier. These are the staples that I was happy to have with me throughout the week.


1.) Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow. I am in love with The Ingenue color palate. It is so simple, neutral, and easy to wear. I use the ivory nude all over my lid, the metallic light golden bronze in my crease, and the peachy nude to highlight below my brow bone.

2.) Nars Bronzer & Blush. Both the Laguna Bronzer and Deep Throat Blush are cult classics that certainly don’t need another outstanding review from me.

3.) Lorac Concealer with Highlighter. I learned the hard way about highlighting with concealer, but now that I know… I will never go back to using a concealer without it.

4.) Makeup Forever Liquid Eyeliner. I didn’t loose any sleep last week because I had this with me at all times.

5.) Stila Smudge Stick. I use this eyeliner in starfish for my brows. It’s the exact same color as dirty blonde which tends to be a hard color to find in a good brow pen. It also has a little sheen to it.


6.) Dark almost Black lipstick. I found an old Revlon tube probably last used in the actual 90’s but one I am currently craving is the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil inTrain Bleu – deep aubergine.

7.) Stila Stay all Day liquid liner in Teal. I alway add a touch of teal to the bottom of my inner eye. Just a tad.

***beauty always comes from within, photos by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • haha do you know these girls who put make up on in the metro?? I always ask 1. if thet don’t feel a bit embarassed, because everyones watching and 2. how do they do it, because the train is moving. I would paint black lines over my face and clockwork orange lashes. BUT: it saves a lot of time!!

    • omg, I was totally one of those girls, until I cut the subway out of my life completely (thank god!) And, Yes, I was always embarrassed, like what am I doing with my life embarrassed, haha.

  • it sounds as something really simple to do… though I am not sure of having that talent!
    I am completely in love with the lipstick color (and happy it’s back)

  • It must have been a lot of fun! I’d love to go to fashion week one day :)
    OHH Yes, definitely adding Train Bleu to the wishlist, such a gorgeous color!

    • I got the Train Bleu and it is amazing. It took me a couple days to get it right, but I am in love with it now!

      • I’m glad you like it! i’m dying to try their lip pencils,train bleu, cruella, Walyrie…

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