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          One of my favorite weekend activities is taking a bath. Every year around this time I start to get back into my yoga routine. The weather is a bit nicer and it becomes painfully obvious that bathing suit season is right around the corner. But, getting back into the swing of things is tough. And so, I like to take it slow and spend part of my Saturday afternoons rewarding myself for getting my ass to some sort of exercise with a long relaxing bath.


I was recently reading these bath rituals and I thought to myself, “I want to take a bath like that!” Baths have always made me feel a bit like British royalty in a way. Mostly, because that is what I imagine them doing with their free time. I think that is mainly based on some Downton Abby episodes and most likely not so true for the current monarchy.


Organize Bath Products Near the Bath Tub
Take everything that you will need during the bath off the shower caddy, out from behind the mirror, and set them all in a place where you can reach them. Not only is it dangerous to get out of the tub soaking wet to grab something, because you could slip and fall (yes, it has been brought to my attention that I am not 90 years old, but better safe than sorry), it is also annoying.

Grab a Hand Towel
I always put a small hand towel next to the bath tub. This keeps magazines from getting destroyed and/or iPhones. I have now waterlogged my last two iPhones texting while in the bath. So…

Leave the Phone Outside the Bathroom
This is time for yourself. Grab a book or a magazine (nothing too nice, it is going to get wet). Turn your phone on silent, ignore texts, emails, anything and anyone.

Music is very important. You may have to now go and get your phone from the other room (if you need it for music.) The bohemian hippie in me needs some peace, love, and harmony while relaxing in the bath. I typically listen to a playlist on Spotify, Walk on the Wild Side. It is full of the greats like Bowie, Lou Reed, and a little Joni Mitchell. Not only is it empowering, but you can easily sing a long. Try to set the phone far from the tub. Otherwise, if you are like me, you will need to skip songs — which will also lead to water logging your phone. If the 70’s aren’t your thing there is also a coffee table Jazz playlist on my Spotify that is lovely.

Run the Water
Everyone knows a good bath involves bubbles. But, not really. Sometimes the bubbles dry out your skin. Usually, I will put in some Aveda Stress-fix soaking salts and call it a day. Also, I love to make the water really hot. It just makes me feel like I am in a hot tub on vacation.

Get in the Bath
Now is the time to let your skin soak. Grab the book you picked out and enjoy for a while. I usually wait until the water turns from hot to warm. I do this because I don’t want to get stuck bathing myself in cold water once my skin has a second to soak. So, my point is don’t relax in the water all day because there is more to do during the best bath of your life.

Exfoliate Your Skin
I usually grab my favorite Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish without having to get out of the water because I already got it down and sat the scrub near by. Then scrub away. Covering every inch of the body even behind your ears.

Drain the Tub
Sorry. I know this is probably seen by many as wasting water. But, it’s really gross to sit the rest of your relaxing bath in your own filth. In fact, I don’t find that relaxing at all. So, drain the tub for sure, fill it back up with warm water, and proceed to enjoy. Sometimes I add in bubbles while I fill up the tub.


Hair Mask
My hair is currently looking like Joseph’s technicolor coat. I have no idea what is going on other than I’ve dyed the shit out of it and now I am going to pay. I try to use the Living Proof hair mask about once a week. Putting the hair mask on now is important because you want to leave it in as long as possible. Most hair masks are just a deep conditioner and if they aren’t left on long enough it is really no different than your regular old conditioner.

Exfoliate Face
The small towel will now come in handy. Figuring out how to exfoliate my face took a while. But, we learned you need a dry face to exfoliate properly. Dry off your face and wet your finger tips to start exfoliating in small circles around your cheeks.

Regular Routine
Drain the tub, turn on the shower, shave, rinse your hair, and whatever else.

Body Oil
If you have now taken too long in the bath and understand you will need to leave quickly, I apply Neutragena’s body oil right before I get out. Otherwise, I like to moisturize with Johnson’s Baby Lotion.

What are some of your Favorite Bath Rituals?

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***beauty always comes from within, photo by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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