Simiple Face Wash

There is a reason why it is called a beauty routine. It’s because like with most routines beauty works best if done everyday. People take comfort in routine. It’s relaxing to know what events await us during our day. Things seem easier when you know the outcome.

You are never going to believe this… Shortly after I posted 5 easy ways to always be prepared, I was walking to Soho and it started to rain. I DID NOT have an umbrella. URG! Realizing quickly there was nothing I could do, I continued my walk in the rain only to enjoy it. It was only lightly sprinkling. I have a friend who lives in California. An ex-pat from the east coast. She lives there with her wife and enjoys all the things Cali offers. Her biggest complaint about California is the seasons never change. She claims to miss the rain, miss the snow, and the wind, and the cold. I understood this on my walk. While I was lost in routine, the rain served as a simple reminder that no two days are the same, whether they feel monotonous and repetitious.

But, we still take comfort in routine and so does our skin.

Before we left for Israel I made the decision to switch to Simple Face Wash. Or, rather the decision was made for me since I needed a travel size face wash and Simple was the only one Duane Reade sold. It was a win-win for me anyway because I had wanted to try it after reading some ITG’s top shelf with some model. According to the reviews I read online, simple face wash is excellent for people who have combination skin (both oily and dry) and large pores. I did not find the product to be extremely moisturizing, as it advertises. But, I have moisturizer (with SPF!) so I was mainly interested in a gentle cleanser.

Simple face wash has been part of my routine for a month now. I am loving how predictable my skin has become. Everyday seems the same. I noticed my pores started to shrink, something I have been working on most my life. I saw the results in around 2 1/2 weeks. Since then, it’s been clear skies and rainbows. My skin looks great rain or shine.

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***beauty always comes from within, photo by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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