Armani Prima Glow Enhancer

There’s a thin line in skincare between trying to hard, which usually leads to breakouts because you are piling on products morning and night, and straight up lazy, which usually leads to breakouts because you don’t wash your makeup off before bed. This is gross… unless of course you’re really really tired and then it’s completely acceptable. I’d like to imagine somewhere in between is perfection which leads to a gorgeous natural glow. But, I don’t have time for that so I usually ride along the line of lazy and goal for the best I can. I’m happiest there.

As I am sure you’ve seen for a while now, “natural glow” is a thing. I am also pretty sure this is the by-product of #IWokeUpLikeThis which I fully supported as long as it meant I could go out the way I woke up because I do it every Saturday and having it be on trend was a dream come true. However, I was skeptical of glow. Natural glow seems like if it isn’t managed properly it can turn to regular ole greasy and I am already prone to that. (more…)

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