The Easiest Way to Figure Out Your Face Shape


As far as I can see, there are lots of options for face shapes these days. Each of us have some idea of what our face shape is, however those things change over time and every once in a while it’s probably a good thing to revisit. When that Kardashian tribe brought contouring tricks into the mainstream there began the focus on face shape. It’s the first step in contouring. I will get to some simple contouring tricks next week so stay tuned. And, I think you know it will be easy and fast so, seriously, stop back by next week.

Here is my main problem with figuring out my face shape, I’ve now asked 10 close friends what my face shape is and it left me more confused than I was before.  (more…)

5 Easy Ways to Always be Prepared



Remember last Spring? I’ve learned… & I’m Prepared.

I love to be prepared. Especially, when it is for something unpredictable. This is probably because most of the time I am not prepared properly. I am always the one that came out for brunch in a thunderstorm with a suede bag. Or, the one who packed 10 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants for a week in 60 degree weather. I never have the lipstick I want in the bag I am carrying, and the shoes that would look best on the weekends are always at the office. I’m not complaining. Such is life, I am just letting you know why I enjoy the few moments when I really nail it.

There are 5 easy ways that I try to be prepared. They’ve been proven to work for me, but it doesn’t cover everything (obviously). However, if you do end up needing one unexpectedly I promise you will feel awesome in 5 minutes or less. (more…)

Who am I?

Who Am I7

Such a loaded question that seems to need a new answer every year or so… I am Amanda and this is my blog. This is the small corner of the internet that I’ve carved out for my quirky take on beauty. Written, from a fashion girl’s perspective, about all the trials, tribulations, and expectations that come with a beauty routine. Especially as women; Trying to have it all: the family, the career, the energy, the balance and most importantly who we are as women.
In short, this is a journey about happiness one beauty routine at a time. (more…)

A Snow Day!


I am a big fan of a good natural disaster. Not so much the ones that destroy people’s lives, but the ones that turn out to not be such a big deal. Like the way #Juno has affected me in New York City. My favorite thing to do on a snow day is nothing. Sit back, relax, make some tea, and watch Netflix.
Recently, I was given Kusmi Beauty Beverage Detox tea. This wonderful gift was brought to me by my friend Alienor all the way from Paris. I’ve since learned it’s widely available at most upscale grocery stores. Lately, I’ve been wanting to get more into tea. On our road trip down highway 1 we met a friend at an Asian (I think it was Tibetan) tea shop in Santa Cruz. It was the most amazing experience. The three of us shared kung fu tea over a beautiful draining table. I found the entire ritual so enchanting. Our friend poured some out over a frog for prosperity and we had a lovely afternoon together. It was nice to slow down for a minute with such a beautiful tradition. For thousands of years humans have relied on this little leaf for its ability to give us fresh perspective, a minute to reset. Amiram travels to China quite often. During his last trip, he was given this tea set. Since then, I’ve been dying to use it. Finally, a snow day! (more…)

Tuesday Tip: Eyeliner



What I learned about Body Image from a Victoria’s Secret Model

Victoria Secret Ad Campaign, Love your body, Behind the Mirror, What I learned about Body Image from a  Victoria Secret Model,

Once during an extensive case of being distracted on the Internet I stumbled upon a Victoria’s Secret model’s tips to looking the way she does. I am pretty sure it was Alessandra Ambrosio, but that is not important. You know what I am talking about, right? Well, if you don’t it starts innocently enough. (more…)

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, Behind the Mirror, two beach chairs in front of the ocean with red stripes and blue stripes and matching umbrellas (more…)


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