Mom and Me and Lipstick

Mom and Me2

Life plays funny tricks on you that only become obvious as you get older. One of those funny tricks is how we turn into versions of our parents. As much as my teenage heart despises this notion it nonetheless proceeds to happen at an alarming rate.

It’s not so bad, which is why it’s a trick. All those years spent fighting and bickering because as Joan Didion explains “one of the mixed blessings of being twenty and twenty-one and even twenty-three is the conviction that nothing like this, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, has ever happened to anyone before.” (more…)

5 Easy Ways to Always be Prepared



Remember last Spring? I’ve learned… & I’m Prepared.

I love to be prepared. Especially, when it is for something unpredictable. This is probably because most of the time I am not prepared properly. I am always the one that came out for brunch in a thunderstorm with a suede bag. Or, the one who packed 10 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of pants for a week in 60 degree weather. I never have the lipstick I want in the bag I am carrying, and the shoes that would look best on the weekends are always at the office. I’m not complaining. Such is life, I am just letting you know why I enjoy the few moments when I really nail it.

There are 5 easy ways that I try to be prepared. They’ve been proven to work for me, but it doesn’t cover everything (obviously). However, if you do end up needing one unexpectedly I promise you will feel awesome in 5 minutes or less. (more…)

Lessons Learned

in a hip hop dance class


Something that may not be obvious about me is I love hip hop! Love it. I love rap. I find it to require a huge amount of talent. It’s clever and fun. I love Eminem, I really love Snoop Dogg. Then there’s Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Tupac, Iggy Azalea, Lauryn Hill, I could go on forever. I know the way some of them speak about women is wrong. Consider it a guilty pleasure. (more…)

Lessons Learned in 2014

lesson learned 2014c

Wow. It’s the end of 2014 already. I feel like this year really flew by. I’ve learned so many lessons this year, I don’t even know where to begin. I am sure this list doesn’t even begin to cover it. But, it seems like a good place to start. I love to reflect on the years as they draw to a close. Each year I learn so many new and different and (*cough) wise things. This year of course was no different.


A Lesson Learned

Costa Rica, Behind the Mirror, A lesson learned, yoga, beach yoga, costa rican sunset

Landing in Costa Rica is like waking up in the most beautiful dream. Two years ago, when Amiram and I first visited the small surfing village of Santa Teresa we decided this would be our sanctuary. We planned to come once a year to unwind and recharge while the harsh winter raged in New York. Since the moment I first arrived, Santa Teresa has felt like home to me. Amiram and I try to travel to new places and experience new things as often as we can. However, there is a comfort here I’ve only experience in one other city. New York. It just feels like home. To me, it’s the perfect place filled with love, kindness, and generosity from everyone you meet.

Unfortunately, our luggage didn’t make it this time around. Me being me, and much to Amiram’s shock, packed a bikini, a cover up, some sunscreen, and flip flops in my carry on. No problems. We ran down the street to a variety of local and not so local surf shops, grabbed Amiram some essentials and headed on our way. When our luggage arrived two days later it had become abundantly obvious we didn’t need any of it. In fact, it’s laughable how our “baggage” from New York became our biggest burden. Needless to say, a lesson learned.

Less is always more, especially when it comes to material possessions.

***beauty always comes from within, photo (of me trying to do yoga) taken by Amiram Assouline in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, xoxo behind the mirror***

5 Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague, Rockaway Beach, New York

Several years ago I found myself constantly surrounded by negativity at work. At first, I joined in… it’s fun to bitch and complain. But, it didn’t take me long to realize that this behavior wasn’t productive nor was it making my day to day richer. (more…)

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