Friday Bitch Playlist

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Is this spring break? Nah, it’s just Friday… (more…)

A White Christmas Playlist for Beyoncé

Behind the Mirror in Snow


A couple things happened this week. For starters, a woman named Beyoncé pulled some serious tricks out of her hat. How that bitch breastfeeds, updates instagram & tumblr regularly, keeps Jay happy, and oh! releases an album with 14 songs and then just to let everyone know she really is unstoppable includes 17 videos. Really? Seriously? (more…)

The Playlist

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A while back BuzzFeed listed 23 signs you’ve lived in New York too long…  and they were so painfully true it hurt… The one that I had never really thought about is the fact that we walk around with our earbuds glued to the inside of our ears. God forbid for one walking second of new york life we don’t have music in our ears. (more…)


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