Is Chipped Nail Polish A Trend?

Chipped Nails

I never in my life cared about chipped nail polish. To me, it was just what happened a couple days after painting your nails. No big deal.

Then, in my early 20’s, I worked for a woman that was insane about chipped nails. She hated them. Alot. Capulet and Montague style. And, unfortunately for me, she was my boss. Never did a chipped nail slip past her view without a comment on how disgusting it was. She wasn’t nice nor was she going to let anyone on her team come to work with chipped nails. (more…)

Why I Quit Cutting My Cuticles & How I Recovered


I stopped cutting my cuticles because the process turned into a dangerous roller coaster ride with no stops to get off. Eventually, I just had to jump. (more…)

Nailed It!

NailsA (more…)

10 Drug Store Favorites

Drug Store Beauty 3

One of my favorite pastimes is reading magazines. It always has been. Something about all the beautiful models in beautiful clothes page after page has always given me such inspiration. Magazines give me hair inspiration, makeup inspiration, fashion inspiration, and much more. I still buy the hard copies of magazines vs. reading them on the internet which I am sure seems prehistoric at this point, however there is something to turning the pages… But, not much. (more…)

Press On Nails

Press on Nails 1

You learn a lot about yourself wearing press on nails. You learn how often you use your nails rather than your fingers. You learn this because every time you hit, snag, or pull with a press on nail you run the risk of it popping off. Or, at least that is the fear that resides inside of me, although it has never happened. You quickly learn how much lotion you use, or a hair mask, or night cream, or any other balms that come in a tub. Because, the cream will be under your fingernails. This does gross me out, but easily fixed by trimming one nail down a bit more than the others. I go with my pinky finger and scoop all the age stopping lotions I need with grace. (more…)

How to Remove a Gel Manicure


According to my sources (Google) the gel manicure has a bad reputation. And… rightfully so. Things weren’t so great in the beginning. For starters, they wreaked havoc on your nails. You were advised by everyone and anyone not to get them all the time. There was also that thing where you couldn’t get the nails wet before applying the gel. So, soaking them to push the cuticles back was out of the question. In general, things were a mess. But, I held on strong. Why? Because I believed in the gel manicure and all the promises that came with it.
Lucky for me, apparently all the science that needs to be done is done because scientists looked into the gel manicure and found ways to make it better. They’ve come along way over the years. (more…)

Are Pedicures Necessary in Winter?


Essie’s disappearing trick cuticle remover pen has confirmed my suspicions that pedicures aren’t really necessary in the winter. Let me tell you why…
I’m often annoyed by the need to get my toes fixed up in the winter. As someone who doesn’t always even get color on my nails I know this seems odd, but there is no good way to get home from the salon in closed toe shoes without ruining the paint job. Let’s be honest… the cling wrap doesn’t work, the quick dry oil is alright if you don’t have far to walk, and the spray sitting above the hand dryers can’t handle socks, much less shoes. (more…)


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