Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

For 2012,
Because it has been a good year…
So let us reflect!
2012 has come and gone. Behind the Mirror has only been a small little fetus, much like the one Kayne planted in Kim’s uterus, for the year of 2012. 
However, I think we’ve made some great strides with the help of several treatments and products during the last couple months.
Let us take a moment to celebrate the New Year with the best of 2012 and the beauty advice that came with…
7. Gangnam Style Dance Craze – Not much to say about this other than, it is fun.  
6. Gay Rights – “For supporters of same-sex marriage, it was a year of milestones. Obama, after a drawn-out process of ‘evolving,’ said in May he supported the right of gay couples to wed. On Election day, Maine, Maryland, and Washington became the first states to legalize gay marriage via popular vote. And on Dec. 7 the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases that could further expand same-sex marriage rights.”
Unleash the pearly whites with the whitening treatments discussed in Where the Wild Things Are because trust me, you are going to have a lot of weddings to go to in the upcoming year!!!!
5. Hurricane Sandy – Sandy (Frankenstorm) threw us Into the Darkness because she thought she could shut down New York at the end of October. We never needed a candle in sopo* like we did then. Sandy gave it a good go… and while it devastated most of the North East, 
Ain’t no bitch going to take NYC down.
According to the Huffington Post yesterday New York area lawmakers in both parties are erupting in anger, saying the House Republican leadership has decided to let Congress adjourn with holding a vote on aid for victims of the Superstorm. We have a long way to go but we learned Doing Good is the best Beauty Secret!!!
4. The Olympic Games in London – 
I love the Olympics. As an American I feel it is my duty to love the Olymipics. The best moment of the 2012 London Games was the U.S.A. Women’s Gymnastic Team taking the Gold! The top knots that hold so sturdy while they run so hard to jump, twist, and flip are amazing!!! That top knot would look a whole lot better as Some Kind of Hepburn… I hope the victory party was celebrated with Skinny Girl, Revenge, and the  BUN MAKER!!!
3. Launch of the Iphone 5 – The long awaited Iphone 5 was released in September after Apple had pulled the biggest tease of all time launching the 4S previously.  When my girls want to look like a tease they use seductive eyeliner like the liquid eyeliner from Givenchy’s Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner in Blue Lagoon However, liquid eyeliner is never easy. Into the Gloss’s new years resolution #5 is to master Liquid eyeliner. 
2.  The Re-election of Barack Obama – 
How could anyone forget the rivalry between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. It seemed from the moment these two started to campaign everyone, including small children & animals, felt the intensity. 
While I wouldn’t say these two are Young at Heart, they did show us how to act like babies. I rocked the Lady vote.  But, for the perfect skin of a baby’s face we will still have to use the ultimate product discovery of 2012 – Dior Skin Airflash!!!!
1. Women in 2012! – The best of 2012 belongs to the women  of 2012. It was a big year for women in many ways. From the idiotic, offensive comments male Republican lawmakers and candidates made about women’s bodies, health, and reproductive rights to losing the amazing Nora Ephron. Here are just a few of the amazing moments in 2012 for Women.

 – Single Women Elect The President 


“Barack Obama owes his re-election victory to the unmarried women,” according to research by the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action fund, the Guardian reported. The data showed that single women made up 23 percent of Americans who turned out to vote on Nov. 6, and 67 percent of them cast their ballot for Obama.

– Anne-Marie Slaughter Reignites A National Conversation
While the discussion around juggling family and work is certainly nothing new, it was rekindled this year when Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a piece for the Atlantic entitled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” The article elicited multiple responses.
– Women Win More Seats In Congress

Thanks to victories in the Nov. 6 congressional elections, women now hold 81 of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and a groundbreaking 20 percent of the Senate is now female. That’s still much less than 50 percent, but the seats do make this a historic year.


– Marissa Mayer Named Yahoo CEO 
Mayer got the large and often troubled company ‘s top gig at just 37. Many women expressed disappointment in Mayer’s statement that she was taking just a few weeks of maternity leave and working throughout, but whether or not you agreed with that decision, it put America’s uneasy relationship with maternity leave at the center of the national conversation.

– Adele Wins SIX Grammys 

Spanx’s Sara Blakely Becomes The Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire
Blakely founded and owns 100 % of the privately owned company that has redefined shapewear for women. At age 41, she joined Oprah and Meg Whitman as one of three self-made female billionaires, according to Forbes.


Women Dominate The London Olympics 
For the first time in Olympic history, every country participating sent female athletes to the games. Within team U.S.A. specifically, the women won more gold medals than men (29 to 17) and more medals overall (58 to 45). Gabby Douglas, Serena Williams, Missy Franklin, Misty May-Treanor and many others made us proud.


and those are just a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*sopo – south of power*
***beauty always comes from within, photos from all over the place this week and here xoxo, behind the mirror***

Where Motivation goes to Die

For Eight Tiny Reindeer’s,
Because it is the holidays…
So let’s do the best we can!


☼ Time to Shine ☼

For Old Saint Nicholas,
Because we love the gifts…
So here is the 2012 guide!


Young at Heart

For the Babies: Blythe, Sid, & Ariel,
Because I can’t get enough of them…
So here is what else I can’t get enough of!


Into the Darkness

For Storm Sandy & her little cold sister Storm Athena

Because they thought they could shut New York down
So I am here to let them know they can’t!
Almost 2 million New Yorkers were left without power following the arrival of Sandy a week and a half ago. Most of us from sopo* were trying to find a place to plug our devices in, take a shower, or even just a payphone without 10 people in line to use it.Listen up Sandy & Athena, New Yorker’s love dark, dark coffee, dark black out mascara (I prefer Diorshow Black Out Mascara), and most are often caught dressed pretty dark.So as we say goodbye to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s for Balenciaga… Let’s say goodbye to Sandy & Athena. 
Unlike Nicolas Ghesquiere, we aren’t hoping to see you again!

But until then, victims of the storms are still in need. Get out there and 

Doing good is the best beauty secret! 

  While in the midst of the chaos, don’t forget to take 15 minutes for yourself. It is hard with all of the things that have to be done.

Go Behind the Mirror, into the medicine cabinet, grab a bottle of lotion and slather!
(I prefer Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream.)
Ain’t no Bitches going to take NYC down!
*sopo – south of power*
 *** beauty always comes from within, photos from here & there. xoxo, behind the mirror***

In Your Face

For Devin, 
Because I miss you
So here’s what you’re missing!

Mario Testino’s first U.S. exhibit opened last weekend at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston. 

“She didn’t have a mirror or anything in front of her, just a palette of makeup. I asked her to put her finger on the blue and touch her eye, then put her finger on the red and touch her mouth…
Being a fashion photographer, we deal with making people look the best they can, all the time, by enhancing their beauty. But this was about embracing the beauty inside of a person, to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is her eyes and her gaze that control the image.” – Mario Testino

So Devin, while putting a finger on the blue and touching our eyes may not be the makeup application we are looking for, embracing the beauty inside us is always a great application!

Rock Stud Hero

For Kerry, 

Because she showed me the bedazzler
So I will show her a thing or two about spots!
Rhinestones, crystals, or metal studs, you can virtually make any kind of spots you want with a bedazzler. 
As was shown to me, the bedazzler can put any type of spot we desire on our clothes.
However Kerry, when it comes to our complexion we desire the opposite.

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