The Airplane Kit

airplane kit

New York City was a tundra disaster. Before we left, the streets were a mess. Walking to work took everything out of me. Everything was covered with ice, and manhole fires were rampant. Steam from beneath the pavement burned my eyes. No one knew where to walk and pedestrians were running into one another because neither were able to commit to a clear path. Because there wasn’t one. It was a modern day Gotham City, where the villain was ice rather than the Joker.
These are the reasons we left the frozen tundra for sunnier climates east. Welcome to Tel Aviv. (more…)

Night Time Routine Under 5 Minutes


I love to read books. Currently, I am reading Joan Didion’s ‘Slouching towards Bethlehem ‘ It’s beautiful. The words jump off the pages. The way she sees such beautiful things in everyday life along with the concerns of everyday life that seem to fall through the cracks is perfect. She provides a voice into a life that might otherwise never be heard. Simple stories about John Wayne even hold my attention. Which is hard considering I grew up with a Father whose favorite television genre was Westerns. Needless to say, I’ve seen them, and developed quite a knack for blocking them out. But, Didion’s words make me want to re-watch those old films and look for the same details she describes.
But, let’s be real… It’s is soooooooooooooo much easier to watch TV vs. reading a book. It’s even easier to watch bad TV instead of reading a book. Especially, when House of Cards has new episodes on Netflix. (more…)

Tuesday Tip: Winter Skin

Towel Dry1

When you get out of the shower and grab your towel, gently pat the water off of your skin instead of rubbing your skin dry. By patting dry, your skin will be able to retain more of the moisture from lotions and oils.

***beauty always comes from within, photo taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

10 Drug Store Favorites

Drug Store Beauty 3

One of my favorite pastimes is reading magazines. It always has been. Something about all the beautiful models in beautiful clothes page after page has always given me such inspiration. Magazines give me hair inspiration, makeup inspiration, fashion inspiration, and much more. I still buy the hard copies of magazines vs. reading them on the internet which I am sure seems prehistoric at this point, however there is something to turning the pages… But, not much. (more…)

A Resolution of Sorts

A Resolution 1 (more…)

What is Body Oil really for anyway?

What is Body Oil Really for anyway? Behind the Mirror, Burts Bees Body Oil, Neutragena Body Oil,

At some point, when I was attempting to be French I discovered body oils. I instantly fell in love. Body Oil is the ultimate way to moisturize your skin. I’ve always had a thing for a lotion or body cream that’s a bit greasy. It doesn’t bother me to wait a minute for the moisture to absorb into my skin. I just imagine all the benefits I will enjoy at age 65, when I look just like Jessica Lange. Greasy is good.
I would rather be “oily” than “dry” on almost every part of my body. Don’t believe me? Once, I showed up to a party (in the winter, no less) so oily that, not only could you tell in the photos, but people didn’t want to rub up against me… not sexually or any other way – which led to walking a great distance out of the way to ensure other guests didn’t get too close to me. But, do I have a collective of exceptionally patient friends willing to let me make bad decisions? I believe I do!


Tuesday Tip: Rough Elbows?

Girl standing at the edge of the ocean watching the waves, bio oil beauty tip, behind the mirror, tuesday tips (more…)


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