This is Not About Shaving

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Some time ago, in a long forgotten land, also known as my apartment, I put up a post on how to shave. Frankly, no one cared, no one commented, and it had about zero page views. (more…)

Winter Body Ready

winter body ready, bare legs in a grey sweater, no pantsA big part of any routine is listening to your body.  For example, I’ve pretty much had the same face routine since I was 16 years old… As someone who is more than a decade past 16, this seems odd. Also, as someone who reads countless articles on the difference of your skin in your teens, twenties, and thirties it strikes me as odd that nothing else seems to work for me.  (more…)

Honey, It’s a Body Scrub Ya’ll

As New Yorkers we talk a lot about the joy it brings us to get out of the city. Mostly, in an effort to “relax.” Because yes, we have to completely leave our homes and city to “relax.” Where most people can light a fire and have a cup of tea, New Yorkers need to get out of the city any chance they get. It pretty much goes like this every time.  (more…)

Gift Guide: Let the Countdown Begin

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Baby, it’s cold outside. And dark.

Do you know that today it was dark in NYC at 4:32? Perhaps, that isn’t what google will tell you, but I saw it out the window from my very small, cube like desk… darkness. Let me be clear, that is not what I meant when I said daylight savings night was my favorite holiday. Thank God for the 8 day festival of lights, (my new favorite holiday, just kidding it is still daylight saving night when I get an extra hour to sleep) otherwise it would have been seriously dark up in here. This debaclery does nothing but make one forgetful and tired. But alas, I have not forgotten what I said I would do. Since I try to be a woman of my word, and since I said “as often as I can I will suggest some items that have double the give back value.

We can do that now…  (more…)

My Best Friend’s Wedding

When your best friend calls and says she’s getting married in less than a week there really isn’t much else to do but book a plane ticket and head down south. (more…)

Yep, blueberries

blueberry face mask, blueberries in fashion, blueberries

One of my best girlfriends was here, at the apartment, one day for a picnic in the backyard and it was all like blueberry this and blueberry that… she was obsessed. Going on and on about the antioxidants and so on… I totally get it. And in a muffin, great, count me in… but to snack on? Like chips? No thanks. I mean, forget the fact that I didn’t even wash them right. Which Athena had a great time laughing about. Anyways, I won’t put you through what I suffered in the blueberry tutorial, but I will tell you the point of her ramblings. Blueberries do great things for your skin. That I can get into. (more…)

Lucky to Walk on these Feet

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Lucky to have a long weekend over the Columbus day holiday, I decided to take this time to actually embrace Fall. Planned an apple picking trip, which I didn’t do. But hey, I tried. With that, I finally went back to my once a week yoga class. We all know my summer-lovin-ass didn’t go but like twice over the past couple months. Because why would I do that when I could go to swim in the ocean? Point aside, I am back at it.  (more…)

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