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My feelings for eyeliner are still going strong. Looking forward to testing out some new looks during Fashion Week. Luckily, the snow has me trapped inside with plenty of time to practice. Have a great weekend & stay warm!


Press On Nails

Press on Nails 1

You learn a lot about yourself wearing press on nails. You learn how often you use your nails rather than your fingers. You learn this because every time you hit, snag, or pull with a press on nail you run the risk of it popping off. Or, at least that is the fear that resides inside of me, although it has never happened. You quickly learn how much lotion you use, or a hair mask, or night cream, or any other balms that come in a tub. Because, the cream will be under your fingernails. This does gross me out, but easily fixed by trimming one nail down a bit more than the others. I go with my pinky finger and scoop all the age stopping lotions I need with grace. (more…)

Words of Wisdom – Joan Didion

Joan Didion quote

***beauty always comes from within, xoxo behind the mirror***

A Snow Day!


I am a big fan of a good natural disaster. Not so much the ones that destroy people’s lives, but the ones that turn out to not be such a big deal. Like the way #Juno has affected me in New York City. My favorite thing to do on a snow day is nothing. Sit back, relax, make some tea, and watch Netflix.
Recently, I was given Kusmi Beauty Beverage Detox tea. This wonderful gift was brought to me by my friend Alienor all the way from Paris. I’ve since learned it’s widely available at most upscale grocery stores. Lately, I’ve been wanting to get more into tea. On our road trip down highway 1 we met a friend at an Asian (I think it was Tibetan) tea shop in Santa Cruz. It was the most amazing experience. The three of us shared kung fu tea over a beautiful draining table. I found the entire ritual so enchanting. Our friend poured some out over a frog for prosperity and we had a lovely afternoon together. It was nice to slow down for a minute with such a beautiful tradition. For thousands of years humans have relied on this little leaf for its ability to give us fresh perspective, a minute to reset. Amiram travels to China quite often. During his last trip, he was given this tea set. Since then, I’ve been dying to use it. Finally, a snow day! (more…)

How to Remove a Gel Manicure


According to my sources (Google) the gel manicure has a bad reputation. And… rightfully so. Things weren’t so great in the beginning. For starters, they wreaked havoc on your nails. You were advised by everyone and anyone not to get them all the time. There was also that thing where you couldn’t get the nails wet before applying the gel. So, soaking them to push the cuticles back was out of the question. In general, things were a mess. But, I held on strong. Why? Because I believed in the gel manicure and all the promises that came with it.
Lucky for me, apparently all the science that needs to be done is done because scientists looked into the gel manicure and found ways to make it better. They’ve come along way over the years. (more…)

Go Long

Go Long10


Do You Wear Eyeliner Everyday?


I miss eyeliner. Today on the bus, four beautiful women sat across from me with the most perfectly done eyeliner and mascara. It was simple and elegant, the exact day time look you would expect from someone like Alexa Chung.
Had I seen each of these women separately I might have asked whose mascara they were wearing. However, I was sitting there sulking in my own self pity and couldn’t muster up a conversation with strangers. Most of the time I can’t muster up a conversation with strangers. It’s a New York thing.

My self pity was the result of the fact that I gave up on eyeliner. I wore mascara & eyeliner every day of my twenties. It was my thing that I didn’t leave the apartment without doing. Then, at some point in my thirties I ran out of fucks to give about eye makeup. I started developing styes (all the time!), I could never quite get all of it off, and it was five minutes of morning & night time that I easily traded in for five more minutes of sleep. Eyeliner was simply cut out of my life. But, lately I’ve been itching for some eye make-up. Last week I bought some liquid eyeliner thinking I was just going to bebop on home and do that perfectly without any practice. Ha!


Luckily, the Make Up Forever Aqua Liner wasn’t too hard to master (or get looking good enough to leave the apartment). What I like most is the way it wipes off, almost, in streaks with a q tip. It’s impossible to get both eyes even on the first try so it’s nice to be able to take a little off without completely starting over.
I’m thinking it might be time for eyeliner and I to reunite our relationship. The styes were most likely the result of keeping my liner too long. So, I’ve declared to myself to throw out the liquid liners within a reasonable amount of time, no matter how much of it I did or didn’t use, and I will wash my mascara off at night before bed.

Does everyone else really wear eyeliner and mascara everyday?

***beauty always comes from within, photos by BtM, xoxo behind the mirror***

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