In Your Face

For Devin, 
Because I miss you
So here’s what you’re missing!

Mario Testino’s first U.S. exhibit opened last weekend at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston. 

“She didn’t have a mirror or anything in front of her, just a palette of makeup. I asked her to put her finger on the blue and touch her eye, then put her finger on the red and touch her mouth…
Being a fashion photographer, we deal with making people look the best they can, all the time, by enhancing their beauty. But this was about embracing the beauty inside of a person, to show that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is her eyes and her gaze that control the image.” – Mario Testino

So Devin, while putting a finger on the blue and touching our eyes may not be the makeup application we are looking for, embracing the beauty inside us is always a great application!
But to be honest, the beauty inside always looks great with a red lip!
To recreate bold red lips at home follow Garance Doré as she embraces the secret to intense lips at Rochas.
Step One: Pick two shades of red lipstick. (I prefer Yves Saint Laurant Rouge Pur Couture – 2: Rouge Pourpre & Givenchy Rouge Interdiit: 06 Precious Rose) 

Step Two: Take the darker lipstick & fill in your lips completely.
Step Three: With the lighter color define your lips focusing on the center of your mouth
Step Four: Add a pinker pig-mental blush to your lips for a matte look! (I prefer Nars blush in Outlaw.)
Enjoy the Intensity!

 *** beauty always comes from within, photos from here & there. xoxo, behind the mirror***


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