A Razor Thief in the Night

For the Future,

Because everyone has a lesson to learn…
So this is what I have learned!
It’s Monday and that sucks. Let me tell you a story to make it better. Several years ago after a bad breakup I found myself sharing a bed with my friend Claire and sharing an apartment with my friends Megan and Claire. While most nights were filled with way too much wine to drown my sorrows, the mornings were filled with me doing my best to at least shower. As I stayed there for almost six months and much exceeded my welcome, I took a very valuable piece of knowledge with me from what should have been dark times but were actually pretty fun in retrospect.
During that shower every morning the Intuition Razor, which didn’t belong to me, would stare me in the face. Now, up until this point I was a razor and shaving cream kind of girl. But the luring little soap around the razor seemed to so neatly wrap everything together promising to maximize my time.

Eventually I used that razor and for that Megan or Claire I am sorry, that’s gross. But, I want you to know I have never used another razor since. (And no this isn’t turning into a confessional blog, for that you can read The Strangers Project.) If you are looking for a girl’s guide to shaving, keep reading.


What you need:
1.) The Right Razor – Hashtag Obviously the Schick Intuition Plus Renewing Moisture Razor, I mean I just told you I used my friends… without asking… However, a razor with a moisture strip containing aloe, jojoba or acai such as Gillette Venus works too. Since razors dull over time, be sure to replace your razor after every 8-10 uses.
2.) A Loofa – This exfoliates the area before shaving.
3.) Gel or Cream – Instead of basic soap, use a moisturizing shave gel or cream. The nice thing about the Intuition razor is the built in soap bar round the blade. I see this as a time saver not a replacement to gels or creams. If you have time, your legs need all the moisture they can get and gels/creams not only hydrate, they also allow for a closer, smoother shave. Simply Mahvelous Legs Shave Cream by Kiehl’s is great.
4.) Bump-Free Lotion – After you shave and pat yourself dry, use an alcohol-free lotion to avoid irritating your freshly shaved legs and those unsightly red “razor burn” bumps. 100% pure Shea Butter is always a good bet.

How to Shave:
1.) Temp –  Warm. Hot water leaches moisture from your skin.
2.) When – At the end of your shower. This way your hair and skin will have time to soften.
3.) How – Start from your ankles and shave up. You want to make sure you are shaving against the hair growth. As for your underarms, shave at every angle. I have found that shaving up and down and then in an “X” does the trick.


The Extras:

1.) Exfoliate –  Since shaving actually exfoliates your skin, only exfoliate your legs with a scrub about once or twice a week depending on how often you shave. If you have particularly coarse hair, it’s a good idea to exfoliate a little more than average.
2.)Bump Watch – If you are prone to ingrown hairs, try using a cleanser with glycolic acid or apply Tend Skin after shaving.
3.) Wax – If you have especially thick hair you might want to consider waxing. Sometimes you have to call it quits… if a razor can’t cut it a wax can.

Sometimes all it takes is a little faith in the universe. Did I know when Claire and I were sharing a bed that my legs would never be softer? No… but I believed good would come. Not only did good come, my best days were ahead!!!
***beauty always comes from within, photos from me because it is me!  xoxo, behind the mirror***
100% mine photo cred to Mr. Behind the Mirror.
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