Summer Magic Hair

For Summer Wizards (like Marcie),
Because you’re back and don’t know this potion…
So this is a summer magic hair show!!!


Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover?

For Alienor (Alien),
Because we’ve turned her into one of us…
So what now?!?!?!


Mascara On The Run

For Everyday Life,
Because we are always on the run..
So not everything should be!


The Truth is Hard as Nails

For Claire,

Because she is a witness to the strength…
So this is the truth behind the strength at hand!


Forgotten Memories & Old Favorites

For Amiram,
Because he  knows me so well…
So Thank You for our weekend away!


So Fresh, So Clean

For everyone out there struggling with a little OCD,
Because you can handle it as long as it’s clean…
So clean it no matter what they say!
About this time every year spring cleaning tends to become a “thing.” This is a hard concept for me. One might say I can be compulsively clean, neat, and organized to the point that other people’s messes that have nothing to do with me stress me out. One might say that. However, it is no joke I like clean. All year. Clean. 

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