Celebrate Yourself Night in 15 Minutes

Celebrate Yourself Night

For You,

Because we all feel like Shawn Carter…
So Celebrate Yourself Night!!!

Everybody has days where they feel like Shawn Carter… Marcie knows it all too well, but do you know what I mean? Like when you know you’re on the brink of something great. It won’t be much longer before you aren’t Shawn from Bed-Stuy anymore, you’re going to be mother fuckin JAY-Z… Since it’s a “Hard Knock Life”, anytime you make it in this world or even come close to making it in this world you deserve to be celebrated. “Can I Get A…”

We celebrate Brooklyn. Why not celebrate yourself? As often as I can I like to have a night to myself for myself… which throughout time has come to be known as “Celebrate Amanda Night.” So let me introduce to you a new DIY routine you can follow to celebrate yourself! Each month (or so…) I will let you know how I have celebrated… and then feel free to follow suit!!!

Celebrate Yourself Night

This time, Celebrate Amanda Night began after Amiram returned home from a bachelor party in Vegas. Hashtag obviously he brought me home gifts… and as he knows me so well the gifts were perfectly tailored to a beauty-product-lovin-fein…

Celebrate Amanda Night can last hours and hours. However, as we learned in the about section, BtM was inspired after one of my best friends told me following the birth of her daughter she hadn’t applied lotion to herself in over 7 months because she simply didn’t have time. Therefore, being the realist I am, I understand very few of us can celebrate for hours and hours. So Celebrate Amanda Night has been broken out into 15 minute intervals.

Minutes 1 – 15: The night started off with my new favorite way to relax. The Calm.com meditation app. (I feel now is a good time to tell you that I don’t get paid for the links to products or anything that I suggest. If and when that time comes, you b-mirs will be the first to know… but until then, this is me just trying to make life a little easier.) Calm.com is a breeze to download on your I-phone for free, and if you don’t have an i-phone I assume but can’t be sure it is a breeze to download there too. After a short 15 minutes I felt centered and relaxed.

Celebrate Yourself Night

Minutes 15 – 30: Next I ran a warm bath and soaked away all the stress from the day with Aveda stress-fix soaking salts. Add 2 tablespoons of  soaking salts to warm running bath water and soak for 10-15-20 minutes. Couldn’t be easier. I lit a Meyer’s lavender scented soy candle to compliment the aroma from the bath salts which includes essences of “lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms.” Finally, I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths.

Minutes 30 – 45: After the bath and patting myself dry with a towel, I really enjoyed hydrating myself with the body lotion from the same series, Aveda stress-fix body lotion. According to the website to properly apply the lotion you should “massage body lotion into your hands, hold them under your nose and take a deep breath. Then massage onto tense areas such as the neck, shoulders and forearms using the ayurvedic technique of moving in circular at the joints and back-and-forth motions in-between joints. Apply to your abdomen using clockwise circular motions.” Given that I have no idea what ayurvedic techniques are I just put it on like regular ole lotion and things went fine…

Minutes 45 – 60: Finally, I ended the celebration with the Aveda stress-fix concentrate rollerball. All you need to do is glide the rollerball over pulse points and enjoy aroma any time you’d like to relieve feelings of stress. Hit up the inside of your wrists, the area at the top of your neck, and upper shoulders with a press-release motion. I have read next to “shrug your shoulders to your ears, hold, and then let them drop.” As that took about 5 minutes, I spent the rest of my celebratory time snuggled up reading the current September issues that just arrived via USPS.

How do you celebrate yourself?

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here and there, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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