White as a Diamond

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For Katerina,

Because we are becoming one and the same…
So I am taking it to a new level!!!

As tips are shared with me, I share them with you. That’s just how I roll. So here is the thing, all I have ever really wanted is to help people feel beautiful. Like really beautiful. The way you feel when you leave the salon with a new haircut that was blown out perfectly. You know you aren’t going to be able to recreate it at home, but for that walk and maybe even for the rest of the night you look dynamite and you know it. You own this town. Or right after you leave the nail salon, for all of the 10 minutes before you chip that bitch on your keys trying to dig them out of your bag to get in your apartment, you honestly believe you have beautiful hands. That is the beautiful I am talking about!

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I wouldn’t say I am a prime example of a healthy lifestyle that should be mirrored in most situations. I think most wines are paired best with a cigarette, prefer coffee to tea, often skip dinner in the name of skinny, and believe yoga is a serious workout. So my newfound love of Coral White Toothpaste has nothing to do with conflicting reports that flouride causes cancer and everything to do with vain pleasures. But hey, again, that is just how I roll.

Coral White Toothpaste is available, “like pretty much” no where as far as I can tell… After Katerina, who is seriously the expert on all things dentistry, told me about the godsend that she swears by, she followed up with a sentence I hate to hear… “I order it off the internet.” As Katerina would put it, my excitement “took a valium and retreated accordingly.” I am happy to report after some super built up anticipation thanks to the world wide web, I was not disappointed.

According to New Beauty, “Calcium is a must for strong, healthy teeth… Coral White, however, boasts calcium as its top ingredient, and where that calcium comes from makes this toothpaste even more distinctive.
The calcium in Coral White is derived from ionic coral minerals, which help to neutralize the pH of an acidic mouth… the manufacturer pledges that the ocean is never touched to make this toothpaste, instead harvesting from only above-sea coral.
Although Coral White doesn’t contain fluoride, it features a host of uncommon-and uncommonly beneficial-ingredients, such as goldenseal, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, echinacea, and cinnamon to effectively clean your teeth and freshen your breath. A touch of hydrogen peroxide helps whiten.” Well said.
coral white toothpaste

coral white toothpaste

So if you have two minutes to order some new toothpaste online, click here... then brush with my favorite-for-the-moment electronic toothbrush, the Braun Oral B… if you don’t notice a whiter smile in about a week… let me know and we can work something else out.

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here xoxo, behind the mirror***

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