Behind the Mirror of… Kara McNeil

Kara McNeil, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer

Behind the Mirror of…

Kara McNeil

Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer

So if you are alive and have a slight pulse, you know by now that Marc Jacobs launched a beauty collection. But imagine with me for a moment, if you will, this… During the day when you go behind your mirror into the medicine cabinet an entire store of luxury beauty lies in front of you filled with make-up designed by none other than Marc Jacobs himself…

Life as Kara is basically that good. Nothing gets put behind the mirror of the Marc Jacobs Beauty store without being tested, sampled, and approved by Marc. After that, Kara loads the store up with the best of the best. In the world of beauty Kara’s job is what we consider to be new age royalty… not the outdated monarch kind.

Since I work at Marc Jacobs and can pretty much corner anyone in the world’s slowest elevator, I managed to catch up with Kara and learn some beauty secrets. No, I didn’t peek behind her mirror, we did one better… we gazed at an entire store. Why drink the milk when you can buy the cow, right?

Kara McNeil, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer

The press release went something like this…

“Marc Jacobs Beauty collection contains an assortment of 16 innovative complexion and color cosmetics, and four luxurious makeup brushes.

As with his fashion, Marc’s rule-breaking creativity is at the heart of his makeup vision. For Marc, it’s about the spirit of youth, confidence and experimentation. He inspires you to push the boundaries and create your own style. So indulge in the impeccably exquisite textures, take liberties with his provocative shades, and play with his daring designs.

Marc redefines beauty as imperfectly perfect. ‘I see beauty in many things and I am attracted to all sorts of imperfection, to style, to confidence or experimentation. It’s unexpected and it surprises you.”

For the rest of the press release, please by all means set google on fire… but that is the gist.

Kara McNeil, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer

So what we could have discussed in the elevator, actually took place over email and went like this…

BtM – What is the first thing you do for your beauty routine after you wake up?

KM – Drink a glass of water. I believe water really makes a difference in how your skin looks and I try to drink as much of it as possible.

BtM – Which product from the new MJ Beauty collection can you not imagine living without?

KM – The Genius Gel Foundation and The Face I brush to apply it with. For me beautiful skin is key but I like it to look really natural. The Genius Gel Foundation feels like you are wearing nothing but evens out the skin and gives it a dewy glow.

BtM – Next thing to purchase on your must have list? 

KM – A new face mask. I am really into skincare and for me, healthy skin is essential.

BtM – Your idea of Celebrate yourself night would include what?

KM – A bowl of pasta, red wine, putting a face and hair mask on, reading a book or magazine in the bath and getting into a bed with clean sheets.

BtM – Secret DIY potions or routines you swear by?

KM – La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water after washing your face at night and I also do not wash my face in the morning but just spray that on before applying moisturizer. Rose Hip Oil as a moisturizer for the face and around the eyes. And vitamins are important for me-omega 3.6.9, Vitamin C, Chlorella and Alpha Lipoic Acid are all really good for the skin.

Kara McNeil, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer

BTM – Best beauty advice you have been given?

KM -Protect your skin from the sun, which I have not followed completely and am regretting it more and more! But I now am religious about applying sunscreen, wearing a hat and staying in the the shade.

and BtM readers asked…

1.) Favorite lip color for fall? 

KM – A deep berry color. Our LOVEMARC Lip Gel in Little Pretty is awesome. You can build it so it can be a stain or you can apply more to make it more intense.

2.) Best advice for looking fresh and trendy without looking like you’re 8 yrs old playing with your Mom’s make-up? 

KM – I think not following trends, but I like pretty natural make up so I am not one to play around with trends too much. However, I think a seasonal lip color can be an easy way to update your look.

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Katerina Stavreva & from here, XOXO, behind the mirror***
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