Behind the Mirror of… Kerry McCarthy

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Behind the Mirror of…

Kerry McCarthy

Wholesale Business Planner, Theory

Kerry “dark beauty” (gaelic)

No introduction needed. The most sincere, beautifully honest behind the mirror to date.

BTM – What is the first thing you do for your beauty routine after you wake up in the morning?

KM – “I usually take off my makeup because I don’t actually do it the night before, which is really bad, I am not supposed to do that. But, that is what I do. And I use the make-up wipes because I hate having to put stuff on a cotton swap, that is just really annoying. I use the Aveeno ultra calming ones, the little pink package, they’re really pretty, and they smell good!”
BTM – But, how well do they work?
KM –  “Yes, they work great. I have to use them, because my skin is very sensitive.” 
BTM – Because of the eczema?
KM – “That is part of it, but I have always had really sensitive skin because I am so pale.” 
BTM – The Irish descent?
KM – “Yeah, but I am actually more Italian than Irish… Just more of the Irish has come out of me… but that is the first thing I do. I have to take off my make-up from the night before.”

BTM – What is the product or procedure that you can’t imagine living without?

Garnier Concealer roller ball, lancome concealer

KM – “Under eye concealer, because I have really big bags under my eyes. I hate them. I’ve had them since I was little. I think I need to get surgery to get rid of them.”
BTM – Have you looked into surgery options? 
KM – “I have! “
BTM – And what are they?
KM – “Well, there is this really intense one you can do, it’s not an actual surgery. I think it is like botox. But. Not. I don’t know. It involves something with a needle and it is so intense that you have to get approved for it. Like if your bags are bad enough. I’m not sure, I saw an infomercial for it.” 
BTM – That sounds legit. (sarcasm) 
KM – “My mom and I thought it might be something to look into. But then I didn’t think I was going to be severe enough. These people look like zombies, the ones that they show…” 
BTM – Well, they probably actually have a medical condition, where as you are just tired. 
KM – “I think I do have a medical condition because I sleep a lot and [the bags] still look big.” 
BTM – I think it takes time.
KM – “But I also think it is because I am such a nervous person, I think that makes it worse. Or because there is not stimulation around there, so sometimes I have this roller ball that I use. The Garnier roller ball with concealer. It is supposed to stimulate the vitamin E or something. I like it. I layer it with my Lancome. I have multiple concealers that I layer together.” 
BTM – Like a magic trick?
KM – “Yeah, I guess it is kind of like a magic trick, I don’t mix them together, I just put them both on…”
BTM – Like Hermione?
KM- “hhhhmmmm…. sure, I mean I know you like to use that reference in your posts, so sure.”

BTM – Next thing to purchase on your must have list for winter.

inspiration walls, kerry mccarthy inspiration, magazine inspiration

inspiration walls, kerry mccarthy inspiration, magazine inspiration

KM – “Wait! I have this list written down. It is a really long list though. When I go through my magazines I like to write them down incase I forget. [The list] goes on two pages. It is long because there is hair here too, it is not just for the face. [The one that I really really want is] the Chanel le weekend [Le Weekend de Chanel] stuff… it just seems really luxurious…It is a serum and a moisturizer that you are supposed to use it on the weekend. That sounds fun. And Rose Water, for my hair… That is my list.” 

BTM – What is your idea of a celebrate yourself night? 

KM – “I have never actually done one of these [nights] because I don’t like to be alone.” 
BTM – …said the girl who is the definition of FOMO.
KM – “But I do really enjoy going for a run in Central Park and running back by the stores like Barney’s or Bergdorfs.” 
BTM – Oh yeah, they just redid their beauty department at Barney’s and it is amazing. 
KM- “I don’t go in usually, I am in my running clothes. I look gross. So I just look in the windows and sometimes I stop in Tiffany’s and try on engagement rings.”
(this part was too good, so Katerina jumped in…)
BTM – Katerina, are you listening to this?
KM – “I guess it isn’t really beauty related, but you asked what I do by myself… I don’t go frequently…”
KS – “Wait, isn’t that embarrassing?”
KM – “No, they don’t really ask a lot of questions and if they do I just make something up like I do with everyone else…”
BTM – So that is your idea of celebrating yourself? Not like a glass of red wine and a bubble bath?
KM – “I don’t like to drink alone. But sometimes I will have some chocolates and read my magazines while I watch She’s All That.”

BTM – What is a DIY potion or routine that you swear by? 

Aveeno and Burt Bees

KM – “hmmm…..”
BTM – Sounds like you have quite a concealer concoction going on…
KM – “But it is not always the same way… I do sometimes mix together my Aveeno daily moisturizer with the Burt Bees brightening daily moisturizer. So I have the SPF with the brightening one.
BTM – Can’t you just buy the Avenno with SPF?
KM – “Yes, the avenno has the SPF but I like the brightening part. So the burt bees is the brightening moisturizer.” 
BTM – So you mix those two together? That sounds nice.
KM – “I don’t usually mix them together before hand, I layer.”

BTM – What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

KM – “I have to say, I don’t think I was ever given much advice when it comes to beauty. Like I can’t remember ever being taught how to put make-up on by my mom or I was never really told any advice.”
BTM – So how did you figure stuff out?
KM – “I can’t remember… I’ve been trying to think back to this… I think I just looked at magazines and started playing with it [make-up], but no one ever taught me how. I have two older sisters and a crazy involved mom in my life and no one gave me any advice.”
BTM – What about when you were a kid and you needed to shave your legs? Your mom never said it’s time you shaved your legs?
KM – “I think my dad gave me my first razor.”
BTM – Really? And what did he say?
KM – “I asked for a razor and he gave me one… I could tell I needed to shave my legs, I mean that is pretty obvious…” 
BTM – No advice, got it…
KM- “Actually, my mom doesn’t like a lot of make-up or a lot of anything [on the face], she is very plain so that would be her only thing but it wouldn’t really be advice, it was more like if I had too much on she would be like, ‘What the hell? Take off some of that make-up. It is too much.”
BTM – How much did you have on? Did you look like a drag queen?
KM – “No,  I don’t think I ever did, but if it was like an eye shadow, she doesn’t like eye shadow, and she would be like, ‘Why are you wearing that?”

BTM – What about your trademark. The white eyeliner in the corner of your eyes?

White Eyeliner

KM – “Oh, I didn’t actually pick that up until college… I saw that in a magazine. Blake Lively said it.”
BTM – Blake Lively. That makes sense. She is pretty.
KM – “For some reason people think it is this big secret. My friends like me to do their eyes. But I don’t like to do other people’s makeup… I don’t like to touch faces. So I don’t, but I have done it before if they ask, and the one thing they all ask is ‘why is the inside so bright, what is that that you do?’ And I am like, it is just white eyeliner… “
BTM – Which one do you use?
KM – “I don’t have a specific brand, right now I am using the top shop one because it was given to me from a friend.” 
BTM – You know which one is really good? The wet n wild

BTM – Finally, how often do you wash your hair?

KM- “Oh my god, not a lot. I think I am using a new product that is making it greasy, so I have had to shower and wash my hair for the last three days. It is very upsetting. But normally twice a week. It depends on if I work out or not… I hate showers.” 
BTM – You hate showers?
KM – “Yes, if I could magically be clean without having to shower, I would. I do not like showers.”
BTM – Magically be clean? Could you elaborate on that more?
KM – “Like if I could snap my fingers and be clean instead of having to get into the shower and then get out of the shower I would much prefer that.”
BTM – Ok, well… hopefully some magic will happen for you.
Kerry McCarthy
Kerry McCarthy
Kerry McCarthy
Kerry McCarthy
***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague on Nov. 17, 2013, XOXO behind the mirror***
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