Ruff-ing it: A Beauty Guide for Furry Friends

Beauty Guide for Dogs, cockatoo in the snow, Cockatoo in snow clothes


As told to Behind the Mirror by Stacy Spire.

Like many New Yorkers, there’s no hiding it; when it comes to our dogs it’s not just love it’s an obsession.   It’s no surprise to hear these days that luxury apartments are now luring tenants by offering dog walking services or a pet wash.  And competition for a spot at the latest Social club (previously known as Doggy day care) has become fierce.  If stressing about whether my dog will socialize among New York’s most tempered pets wasn’t enough, I also need to make sure she’s up to date with the latest grooming – maybe a cut and style, temporary tattoo (no thank you, are you kidding me!?), perhaps a teeth whitening (all natural of course) , de-matting or will it be just a face trim?

There are limitless options these days when it comes to pampering our pets.   Frivolous luxuries, no, anything for our furry family members!

Beauty Guide for Dogs, cockatoo in the snow, Cockatoo in snow clothes

My furry family member is Cali (named after my home state of California), an adorable and loveable cockapoo weighing in at a whopping 12 pounds.   Cali enjoys engaging in open-air activities, including regular visits to the Tribeca/ North Battery Park Dog Park.   However, the winter months, with the killer combo of cold air and excessive indoor heat, have started to dry out her hair.  That’s right, I said hair.  Cali is a “made for dog” (mfd), a perfect NYC apartment size dog that does not shed, is hypoallergenic and exhibits extreme intelligence (and yes, along the lines of E=mc2)

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But while she is an excellent MFD, Cali is no Lassie; Cali needs her daily routine and she would have a slim chance surviving the wild (anything beyond the Manhattan borough limits).   The harsh Winter months can be uncomfortable, so she relies on my interference during winter to stay comfortable and pretty.  But while Cali is certainly needy, scientific polling her extensive network of doggy friends and colleagues shows that winter can be tough for many dogs.  With another snowstorm on the way, here are some helpful tips:

Can we say Petti-Coat: Do not neglect your pet’s skin and coat.  The dry air causes coats to lose their luster.  In addition, the skin becomes dry and irritated, leaving your pooch continuously scratching.   Try incorporating a supplement of essential fatty acids otherwise known the Omega-3s: linoleic acid (LA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) into your pet’s diet.  Typically, in gel capsule form, empty contents into your dog’s food once a day or as suggested. Fatty Acids help moisturize the skin and restore a dull coat.  Cali started taking her daily dosage and already noticing less itching and a healthier coat. -Thanks Dr. Xanthos! (Check with your veterinarian or groomer for recommended dosage).

Cali’s stylist at Le Pet Spa, Battery Park suggests taking fatty acids year long.  And with Cali’s frequent visits to the Salon, remember to ask the stylist (groomer) for a milder shampoo… because excessive washing also dries out the skin.

Paw – de – CURE for the snow: When’s latest forecast calls for snow, New Yorkers know to stand clear – a sidewalk shower of rock salt is in the works.   While the salt miracle may melt the snow and make for a bearable walk to work, steer clear when walking your dog.  The main ingredient is sodium chloride which can irritate your dog’s paws, similar feel to a “chemical burn.”   It’s best to avoid contact; however, if you do take your pet out, shoes please.  Don’t hesitate to add to fluffy’s growing accessories collection (one that already rivals that of SJP) with a pair of shoes or Pawz.   Cali’s shoe choice this season: booties with a solid sole, velcro strap and center tie for added support.  If the paw is exposed, a good washing should do the trick.   A dog likes a clean foot as much as its owner.

Beauty Guide for Dogs, cockatoo in the snow, Cockatoo in snow clothes

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Stacy Spire, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • fashmongers

    omg, so cute… I use coats in cold weather for my dogs and try the shoe for long walks

  • Talita Táiti

    those doggy boots <3<3 i feel the same way about my kitty, major love bordering obsession hehe

    xx, T
    Talita, Says

  • Carsla Peyton

    Woah. This may be the dog for me! I need a pet, but I’m honestly barely ever home “/ I’m technically allergic to dogs, but I suppose certain hair types make the difference! I grew up with terriers & didn’t have much of a reaction. Cali is the cutest ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

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