Winter White Eyebrows?

Amanda Teague, behind the mirror, winter white eyebrows

There comes a time in every young girl’s life when she looks at a magazine filled with beautiful models and says to herself, “I would like to look like that.”

For me, this was a clear and life changing moment. A holy day, if you will, a day too holy for the Lunisolar calendars to acknowledge. On this day, at my after school job, in the mall, selling candles that no one wanted, I browsed through an InStyle. It was Instyle because that was the type of girl I was back then… hip, cool, or edgy publications didn’t make it to my neck of the woods. I don’t know why it occurred to me then and never before, but such as life… Anyways, I noticed that there were no women featured in the magazine of models and actresses with white eyebrows.

Now, up until this moment in life I had white eyebrows. Ok, take a minute to unpurse your skeptically pruned lips, I totally get that models and actresses aren’t the best example for young girls, blah, blah, blah, but this is my story… of a holy day… so…

Winter white is an amazing trend and I totally get it. Winter White eyebrows is not an amazing trend. In fact, it isn’t a trend at all and there are several reason why. Eyebrows convey emotion… suspicion, excitement, fear…. Basically, eyebrows express our thoughts without speaking…. You need them.

Amanda Teague, behind the mirror, winter white eyebrows

For a while, I would go to the salon and have them dyed. But then, a college roommate, who had a scar running right through the middle of one of her eyebrows taught me this trick. Needless to say, my eyebrows have a.) never been white again, and b.) never visited the salon for a dye job again.

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Just for Men Mustache/Beard Color Gel!

What you need:

1. Old Shirt
2. Timer, Clock, or Watch
3. Old Towel
4. Shampoo
5. Vaseline

What you do:

Step 1 – Wearing the gloves provided, squeeze a line from the color base tube into the mixing tray on one side of the raised line.
Step 2 – Squeeze an equal amount of color developer into the mixing tray on the other side of the raised line.
Step 3 – Mix product with the plastic end of the brush until it is blending nicely.
Step 4 – Apply some Vaseline around the brow area. (this keeps the skin from absorbing some of the color, because trust me that is a bitch to get off)
Step 5 – Apply with the brush to dry hair. DO NOT massage product with your hands. (brush up and down gently to cover all hair evenly)
Step 6 – Leave dye on for about 5 minutes. (less or more depending on how dark you want to go.)
Step 7 – Rinse product off facial hair with warm water until it runs clear.
Step 8 – Wash eyebrows with shampoo not bar soap.
Step 9 – Pat dry with a towel.

Amanda Teague, behind the mirror, winter white eyebrows

Yes, I am the first to admit, the before and after in the situation above isn’t so different. I would never let my eyebrows go all white again. Sorry. This isn’t 1996.

Does anyone else dye their eyebrows? And if so, what home remedies are you using? Let me know in the comments!

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague & Amiram Assouline, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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  • Sarah

    Never tried it, due to the fact that I almost haven’t any :(
    I’m thinking about permanent make-up ever since but was too much of a coward …
    I totally agree that eyebrows are SO important for face expressions!
    You found a great way to solve the problem!

  • Gloss and Dirt Blog

    Back in the day (or a few years ago), when I used black-as-midnight boxed dye to dye my hair, I would dye my brows in the last few minutes of the processing…process. I must say, yours look MUCH better than mine ever did.

    • Behind the Mirror

      I love that you used to dye your hair “black-as-midnight.” Thanks for stopping by!

  • Nina Mandić

    Love it :)

  • fashmongers

    I like the result!!

    • Behind the Mirror

      Thanks Pelin! and it is super easy and fast.

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