I am lazy as F$@#, you guys! Seriously. Sure, there are some things that I do on a regular basis and keep up with quite nicely, but as for the other stuff that I don’t really enjoy doing… well, those things never get done. There is no in-between for me. As the beautiful L’wren Scott (may she rest in peace) once said, “if there is no grey area, that means job well done.”

There are a couple things that I try to keep up with from day to day that help me feel like a better version of myself. Again, the Gwyneth Paltrow I always knew was inside of me. (also the same Gwyneth that announced today her and Chris Martin are “consciously uncoupling.” I mean the women even handles divorce in an elite way.) These changes in my ways have resulted in a positive outcome for me.

1.) Getting up earlier than you need to

Now, if my boyfriend is reading this, he is laughing. Why? Because I never get up earlier than I need to. In fact, as we discussed here, I get up at the last minute possible. The hectic shower, the throwing on of clothes, and the running out the door without a glance sets my day in a bad direction. Getting up earlier than I need to gives me a second to relax and set a positive pace for the day.

2.) Take care of your nails, both fingers and toes

I know this sounds simple, but it really isn’t. For me, having nails that are clean, clipped, and overall taken care of gives me a sense of good health. Given that like 90% of diseases show through your nails**, it makes me feel secure in life when mine are groomed. I have a feeling I am not the only one who, when they let a nail go and then it snags their shirt thinks to themselves, “I have got to get my life together, I am ruining my clothes.” Small thing, but big change in outlook.

3.) Exercise

Yes, you read that correctly. Everyone who has been reading for a while knows about my aversion to exercise, but the truth is when I do, and I can tell a result, I feel good. That is trick with me… I need to be able to physically see a result. Which takes time, otherwise I find a million excuses to not go. Seriously, just Saturday my yoga partner was running late for class so we just ditched it and got a coffee… I am not kidding it really doesn’t take much for me to skip and the really sad part is I only go once a week.

4.) Only put energy in the people who do the same for you

One of the best changes I made was when I decided to stop putting effort and wasting energy on relationships that were a one-way street. It was an extremely hard change. I spent a lot of time holding onto friendships that gave nothing back. It was a sad process and I still miss some of these, for lack of a better word, friends. But, my day to day is richer and more full when I am not constantly confused or hurt by someone else’s behavior.

5.) Shave your legs everyday

I know, I struggle with this one too. Not just the action of it, but the philosophy behind it. “Why do women need to do such extreme beauty routines each day to be beautiful,” I ask myself in the shower because I am way way way too tired to even lather my body with soap. But then, I end up at the salon getting my mani and pedi and sure enough the poor technician is rubbing lotion on my lower legs and I know, I just know she is repulsed. I mean it sucks to be the lowest point in someone’s day. Like, you know that poor women totally went to take a break after I paid and said things to herself like, “I have got to find a new job” or “That’s it. I am not doing another pedicure for the rest of the day.” More than that… I think it might be a cleaned & groomed thing again, I am just happier when I feel like I am taking care of myself and shaving my legs falls in that bucket. Take it or leave it, but it is proven to work on at least one person – me.

Behind the Mirror, 5 simple changes for a happier you, Amanda Teague, girl holding a paper heart

So, these are my simple changes… How about you guys? What are some easy things to change up for a happier you?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amiram Assouline, xoxo behind the mirror***
**definitely not a fact… just an assumption.
*L’Wren Scott quote from Porter Magazine.
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