10 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a FUNK

10 ways to get yourself out of a funk, behind the mirror, converse sneakers, girl on nyc roof top, Amanda Teague, NPR tee shirt, Black Jeans

This week is going great for me… I physically removed myself from the city last weekend to ensure I would be celebrating the men and women who served our country
in the sun, I am sure that is what they would have wanted… and I am also sure that is the best way to spend a long weekend. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think winter in New York is actually over. As in, it is safe to come out of hiding now. Upon my return I have been greeted with a 85 degree day that I spent in Jury Duty. Alas, I can’t win, but I can leave the apartment without the fear of appendages being amputated from the freezing temperatures.

During the height of NYC’s Never-Ending Winter I couldn’t even get myself dressed in the morning without an overwhelming feeling of despair. One might be thinking, omg I am so sick of reading blog post after blog post about the weather. I would agree with that, but until the weather stops being stupid we have to continue to discuss it. That is the basis of good entertainment, right? Following the stupid things… case in point – the Westashian wedding, Shahs of Sunset, Snoop Dogg smoking a joint with Seth Rogen (which is more amazing than stupid), and many more that I feel confident should be filed under the classification of stupid entertainment.

10 ways to get yourself out of a funk, behind the mirror, marc jacobs headphones, girl on nyc roof top, Amanda Teague, NPR tee shirt, Black Jeans

But the real reason I know that winter is over is because I have some energy. Which is amazing… I don’t have to do anything on my own, no coffee, no green tea, no exercise, all I need is a little sunshine and I am back to my old self. But, as we learned, in the past couple months we can’t rely on the sun. It just comes and goes as it pleases.

That is why a go-to that helps with the dreaded bad mood for no reason is so important. The MJ girls had some great ideas… so I did a quick and very unscientific poll on g-chat. This is our top 10 –

1.) Listen to energizing music.

2.) Working out – a nice long run.

3.) Sleep it off.

4.) Long bath with a good magazine.

5.) Sitting in the steam room for a while.

10 ways to get yourself out of a funk, behind the mirror, empty wine bottle, girl on nyc roof top, Amanda Teague, NPR tee shirt, Black Jeans

6.) Picnicking in the park (good magazine, sandwich, maybe some vino.)

7.) A good massage.

8.) Binge watching a favorite TV show (Charmed was actually the show mentioned, LOL.)

9.) Buy a really expensive cheese to indulge in (clearly the french one) or whatever snack you enjoy.

10.) A little shopping.

What do you guys do when the sun is a no show and you have to get yourself out of a FUNK?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Katerina Stavreva, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Runway Daze

    Fellow New Yorker here and I was definitely feeling the funk after that winter! I went to a music festival back home in Chicago and that totally helped me find my way again!!


    • Music is my go to as well. It always helps to get me out of a funk!

  • Ashley White

    Great tips! Love your ripped skinnies. :)


  • Shayne♥

    sometimes its a blessing when the sun isnt too out here cause when it is, its really really hot. its usually the time when i exercise or do a short run outside :D

    • I have to say… that sound pretty good right now, but I am sure if I was there I would be complaining about the heat. hehe :D

  • Rebecca Sundvall Ericsson

    Love this post! Thought the tips on how to get energised without sun were so funny!

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I have to say this is a great post for how I feel at the moment. BUT I’d like to add a few if I could?
    go for a walk with someone you love
    have dinner with great friends
    create tear sheets from magazines for your blog

    I always try to do some exercise and have a nice bath.

    • Those are great additions! I love to take a walk with someone I love. It is so peaceful and gives me such great energy. Thanks for your comment.

  • Coco

    Except for nr. 5 and 6 I totally agree! You look so stylish and radiant! Fab!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
    International giveaway: win a sparkle made in Italy

  • Lizbeth

    The perfect post for this stupid funk I’m going through! All I want is to get back into that groove, I’ll be doing what you’ve suggested! http://www.thefabdiaries.weebly.com

  • Lary Mello

    amazing post! love the tips :P
    and the pics


  • Sarah

    Uhm..I shouldn’t complain too much because here in Barcelona we only have about 80 rainy days a year or something like that but the weather is soo sh..y since days and no sun at all!! What I do to motivate? Difficult actually. Music and sleeping is great, also a little bit of shopping. Decorating the house and painting or building something would help me, too.
    xx, Sarah

    • oh man! that doesn’t sound like nice weather at all… and here I thought Barcelona had great weather. For sure could be worse, but cold is not my thing. Great addition – doing some decorating around the house always makes me feel like I have made a major accomplishment.

  • Thais gomes

    agree with all 10 .. :P


  • Hazel

    Ohh i definitely agree with your top 10! Especially 1 & 7! :D

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