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It is certainly no secret that I do not enjoy exercise. Lately, I have been making more of an effort, partially because I am planning a trip to see my most fit friend, Julie, the end of June. I hate seeing Julie when I am out of shape. She is never out of shape. In fact, she takes fitness to a whole new level. Don’t be confused; I will never be as disciplined as Julie is when it comes to physical fitness. But, that doesn’t mean I want to show up on her doorstep looking like the lazy bitch that I am. So, lately I have been making more of an effort.

To my dismay, I am kind of enjoying it. As you guys are well aware, the only exercise I could ever muster up the energy for previously was yoga. I enjoy yoga for a lot reasons, but I don’t even attempt to workout more than once a week and frankly, yoga got boring. I started switching my classes by meeting a friend for some Pilates. Again, to my dismay I enjoyed it. So, after that I decided to try out a Barre class. And again, I enjoyed it. As a result of all these happy workout moments I have been going more often, which is really just good planning for my future self.

I was feeling a bit guilty about how expensive these classes can get, and at $15 to $20 dollars a class it does start to add up. But then I thought to myself, you know what I didn’t just spend $15 to $20 dollars on? Cocaine. A coffee and croissant. Bitcoins. Meth. In the end, it could be worse. Most importantly, classes usually only last an hour and I am a big believer in the idea that anyone can do anything for an hour.

My favorite class right now is Pilates. Pilates is basically working out for those of us who hate working out. You pretty much work out while you are lounging around. It is basically picking up objects with your legs and back and stuff because you are too lazy to just get off the mat and grab it. That sums up pilates. It is also great because I barely break a sweat. So if I want to run to brunch right after I can get away with not washing my hair.

My favorite part is that it isn’t strenuous, but I wouldn’t say it is simple either. Annie Kreighbaum over on Into the Gloss said, “It’s the type of physical activity… that heavy marijuana users would find not only doable, but fulfilling.” Concentration is super important and you need to focus on your breath, coordinating it with your movements and the position of your body while bringing awareness to the muscles you’re using. It is sort of like a mixture of yoga and aerobics with some ballet thrown in for good measure, stretching and perfecting the lines of your body while also toning. I like to imagine I will soon look like Cameran Diaz.

Just like Annie, I felt the oh-shit-I-haven’t-done-physical-activity-in-forever results immediately, but then I noticed the oh-shit-did-I-just-walk-up-four-flights-of-stairs and I am not even winded after about three weeks.

Doutzen Kroes working out in a grey and green tight sports bra and matching pants next to a mirror with her hair in a pony tail

There might be hope for those who hate working out after all. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts on Pilates (or any other workouts you love) in the comments.

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, xoxo behind the mirror***

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