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Living Proof Hair Mask, Behind the Mirror, The Hair Mask

The summer has started to wind down and I’ve started to worry over the sun damage endured in the last couple months. Repairing my salt and sun soaked hair with restoring products moved to the top of my to-do list, which isn’t really hard since this is only a mental list and that means most of it I forget to do anyway.

Basically, hair masks just want to help. Sometimes they do & sometimes they don’t, but the intention is good and that goes a long way with me. The first post I ever put up on the blog was about a hair mask. The post, while short & sweet, always brings me joy. It was quite the labor of love. However, after that… I never touched on hair masks again. Topic covered. Moved on.

You may recall the goal of the hair reinvention was Kurt Cobain not so much Linda Fargo. Rock n’ Roll cool with some damage, not healthy shine. To keep things on track I don’t do too much deep conditioning. I love the crispy edges and something about wild undone hair gives me the just-rolled-out-of-bed-french feeling. The pros and cons of coconut oil made a lasting good impression. If I wanted healthy shine, I would have just done that again. But, it was too sleek and smooth. The Fekkai that I used with long natural locks back in the beginning of Behind the Mirror doesn’t do anything for my permanently damaged strands.

Living Proof Hair Mask, Behind the Mirror, The Hair Mask

I have found Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment to be the perfect combination of deep conditioning without leaving my hair too conditioned, a.k.a greasy, the day after. I bought the travel size tub in one of those I must get something moments, that happen to me much too often, in Sephora. Happy I did. That little tub is keeping my hair soft with a bit of shine, but just crisp enough at the bottom to keep things interesting.

What are your favorite hair masks?

***beauty always comes from within, pics taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Vanessa

    I like hair masks. I really do. But seriously, I’m far too lazy to slather that stuff into my ends. And if I decide to leave coconut oil to sit in my hair for hours, it’s a bit of an inconvenience to me if I need to go out on a moment’s notice. But when I do make that extra effort, VA VA VOOM BEACH BABE ALERT. (IN MY MIND ANYWAYS)

    Also, I feel like nobody ever talks about Living Proof, which is absurd because I love their stuff. Definitely better than the blogosphere favourite, Bumble and Bumble!

  • Montserrat Sobral

    I have never ever used a hair mask! can you believe it? 35 years of shampoo+conditioner+some oil since I dye my hair… Yep! Rock & Roll runs in my blood and shows in my hair. But seriously, lately I am considering to buy one and have no idea which. I guess this brand is not going to be an easy choice here in Chile, but I will have my eyes wide opened in search. I would love to do one by myself…there are so many avocados here! lol

  • borka gamero

    Fabulous dear!
    kisses from Miami,

  • Jessica (What To Style)

    Oh this must be good! =)

    NEW POST on


  • Garazi Ibarrolaza


  • Shirley M

    I definitely need to do this very soon because my hair is very dry and damaged thanks to the beautiful summer I enjoyed.




  • Joanna

    I’ll have to pick some up next time I’m at Sephora. I also love to use a little coconut oil as a mask for my hair!

  • Ashley White

    My hair is in dire need of a good mask!



    haven’t tried this one, but have tried other LP products and loved them

    • I like it a lot, if you give it a try let me know your thoughts… I would love to hear if you have the same experience.

  • Natalia

    I am curious about this one because I love a good hair mask. :) I’ve been using Kevin Murphy for the last few years, they have a couple of masks that work really well. And before that the Macadamia oil mask was good, too, though I later discovered that some of their products had parabens in them, so stopped using everything altogether. x

    • I have wanted to try the Kevin Murphy products. I hear nothing but good things about them. I am having trouble finding them here in NYC… I heard a rumor there is a salon in my neighborhood that has it but if you know of a good place please let me know!

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