Words of Wisdom – Coco Chanel

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Help with Blisters

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It is freezing cold in New York. However, the summer feeling and warmer weather held out for quite a while this year. When the days get shorter and open toe shoe season is long gone, but it is still warm outside a couple things happen. (more…)

A Lesson Learned

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Landing in Costa Rica is like waking up in the most beautiful dream. Two years ago, when Amiram and I first visited the small surfing village of Santa Teresa we decided this would be our sanctuary. We planned to come once a year to unwind and recharge while the harsh winter raged in New York. Since the moment I first arrived, Santa Teresa has felt like home to me. Amiram and I try to travel to new places and experience new things as often as we can. However, there is a comfort here I’ve only experience in one other city. New York. It just feels like home. To me, it’s the perfect place filled with love, kindness, and generosity from everyone you meet.

Unfortunately, our luggage didn’t make it this time around. Me being me, and much to Amiram’s shock, packed a bikini, a cover up, some sunscreen, and flip flops in my carry on. No problems. We ran down the street to a variety of local and not so local surf shops, grabbed Amiram some essentials and headed on our way. When our luggage arrived two days later it had become abundantly obvious we didn’t need any of it. In fact, it’s laughable how our “baggage” from New York became our biggest burden. Needless to say, a lesson learned.

Less is always more, especially when it comes to material possessions.

***beauty always comes from within, photo (of me trying to do yoga) taken by Amiram Assouline in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, xoxo behind the mirror***

Wish You Were Here, Utah

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Hot Off the Press: Vogue.com

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Photographed by Phil Oh


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Shut Up & Drive Playlist

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The Hair Mask

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The summer has started to wind down and I’ve started to worry over the sun damage endured in the last couple months. Repairing my salt and sun soaked hair with restoring products moved to the top of my to-do list, which isn’t really hard since this is only a mental list and that means most of it I forget to do anyway. (more…)

Tuesday Tip: Rough Elbows?

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