A Day in the Sun(screen)

A day in the Sunscreen, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague, Sunscreen tips, girl with white hair laying in the grass with some flowers and relaxing in a black and white elizabeth and James tunic and ripped black current elliott jeans with birkenstocks

With Memorial Day behind us and nothing but summer days in the forecast, I am looking forward to spending some time outside with good old Mother Nature. (more…)

Better Days are Coming

blonde girl in a beige fedora hat and beige sweater holding the hat with her hand wearing rings of turquoise and gold (more…)

Dad’s Got Your Back

Gary Teague, East Dane Giveaway, Fathers Day, Fathers Day Gift Guide, Behind the Mirror, Dad has got your back

Dads. My Dad is pretty awesome. As a child, I pretty much excelled at everything, or at least I thought I did, and I am also pretty sure this false sense of self can be blamed on my father. (more…)

The Foolproof Concealer

Lorac Concealer & Highlighter Duo, Behind the Mirror, The Foolproof Concealer

Freshman year of college, I’m living in the dorms with a million other girls, and in walks a very beautiful classmate with the most perfect makeup I had ever seen. (more…)

Wish You Were Here, Miami

Miami Beach, Florida, Design District in Miami, Shore Club, South Beach, Elvis Spray Painted on a wall, Louis Vuitton spray painted on a wall, Graffiti in Miami, Art on the Streets of Miami (more…)

10 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a FUNK

10 ways to get yourself out of a funk, behind the mirror, converse sneakers, girl on nyc roof top, Amanda Teague, NPR tee shirt, Black Jeans

This week is going great for me… I physically removed myself from the city last weekend to ensure I would be celebrating the men and women who served our country
in the sun, I am sure that is what they would have wanted… and I am also sure that is the best way to spend a long weekend. (more…)

Wish You Were Here, Kara Walker Exhibit

Behind the Mirror, Kara E. Walker Exhibit, Domino Sugar Plant, Williamsburg Brooklyn,  Wish You Were Here (more…)

Some Serious Body Scrubs

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, Ahava Sea Salt Scrub, Bliss Sugar Scrub, Fat Girl Scrub, Some Serious Body Scrubs, Behind the Mirror

I take body scrubs very seriously. Anyone who has ever had a need to shower at my apartment tells me two things after they get finished. (more…)

What Are Nail Ridges?

Nail Ridges, Behind the Mirror, Essie, Amanda Teague, White Hair, Karen Walker sunglasses

I’m Back! fix your bent antenna tune it in and then i’m gonna… I took last week off from the blog. I did this for a couple reasons. (more…)

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