Essie’s disappearing trick cuticle remover pen has confirmed my suspicions that pedicures aren’t really necessary in the winter. Let me tell you why…
I’m often annoyed by the need to get my toes fixed up in the winter. As someone who doesn’t always even get color on my nails I know this seems odd, but there is no good way to get home from the salon in closed toe shoes without ruining the paint job. Let’s be honest… the cling wrap doesn’t work, the quick dry oil is alright if you don’t have far to walk, and the spray sitting above the hand dryers can’t handle socks, much less shoes.
That’s not even the beginning. Since, I don’t wear color on my toes during the winter I am basically getting pedicures to keep things clean, clipped, and well groomed.

Can’t I do that myself? Yes, yes I can.

Clean is easy. Clipped is pretty easy. I just keep them short, very short, which helps with blisters and cuts down on the amount of buffing and filing. Basically, I keep them short to get a nice shape without having to use a file because I am lazy.
But, what to do with the cuticles? I do not cut my own cuticles. I’m scared. I think those little nicks really hurt and since I know I am probably not good at cutting my cuticles yet because I have not practiced. Ever… I don’t. Therefore, I was still going to the salon. Finally, in my last attempt to prove I don’t need to waist money on a pedicure during the winter, I bought Essie’s disappearing trick cuticle remover pen. It was a great move on my part.
After getting out of the shower, I apply a little bit to each one of my nail cuticles and then immediately put on my socks. I can tell a big difference. My cuticles are under control and well groomed just the way I like them.
I will tell you this though… I did this every day for a week and that was over doing it. My little toes became very sensitive and a little too raw. But, listening to our a bodies is a big part of every beauty routine. I’ve backed off to two – three times a week and things look and feel great.

What do you do about pedicures during the winter months? Do you still get them?

***beauty always comes from within, photo taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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