The Airplane Kit

airplane kit

New York City was a tundra disaster. Before we left, the streets were a mess. Walking to work took everything out of me. Everything was covered with ice, and manhole fires were rampant. Steam from beneath the pavement burned my eyes. No one knew where to walk and pedestrians were running into one another because neither were able to commit to a clear path. Because there wasn’t one. It was a modern day Gotham City, where the villain was ice rather than the Joker.
These are the reasons we left the frozen tundra for sunnier climates east. Welcome to Tel Aviv.
New York to Tel Aviv is a long flight for a lot of reasons, the amount of hours on board the plane is the main one. The one thing I would never fly without is my airplane kit.
My airplane kit has become somewhat of a legend among my friends. I’ve been ask to recreate the kit for friends before they travel, for bridesmaid gifts to give away to loved ones, for an adorable gay couple who just happened to be sitting across from me on a flight to Paris, and many others. It’s the Birkin to my Hermès.

It’s simple to put the kit together yourself. I use a small size makeup travel bag and throw it into my carryon for easy access.

1. Sleep Mask

I actually wear two while flying. It does seem excessive, but I really need pitch black in order to get as much rest as possible.

2. Circulation Socks

After a 10 to 12 hour flight my feet/ankles/lower calves look as though they belong to the elephant man much more than me. I swell up. A lot. The circulation socks aren’t a miracle by any means. I still land with swelling. But, they do help to minimize the damage. I buy the inexpensive ones from my local drug store.

3. Hand Cream / Body Lotion

Staying moisturized on long flights is very important. The air on planes is less humid than what our bodies are used to. According to iJet International, a travel risk management company, humidity is at about 10 or 20 percent as opposed to the normal 40 percent.

4. Lip Balm

5. Earphones

This may not seem necessary since almost all airlines give you headphones to watch movies or listen to music. But, let’s face it… in my experience those things never work. I always get the janky one that sort of plays something in one ear.

6. Writing Pen

This is also very important. Before landing in most places you will need to fill out some custom forms. Since the flight attendants hand out about 3 pens per 100 passengers it saves a lot of time and aggravation to have one with you already. DO NOT put a gel or felt pen into the kit. Those explode because of the air pressure. Just a simple ball point pen works nicely.

7. Mineral Water Spray

A delightful cool mist to rehydrate skin.

8. Instant Depuffing Eye Mask

I love love love this product. About an hour before we land, I use this eye mask to depuff my tired eyes. It’s inexpensive and “enriched with the ultra-moisturizing natural ingredient HydroSenn™.” The mask is a quick and easy way to look more awake, rested, and refreshed.

9. Emergen-C

Any time you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of people you do not know, I think it is best to be cautious. Few things are worst than being sick on vacation. I always start my trip with some Emergen-C to give my immune system a little help.

10. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

11. Makeup Wipes

At the beginning and end (after my eye mask) of the flight I wipe down with a cleansing wipe. Philosophy makes these great travel size wipes that are individually packaged. I am prone to landing with a big blemish of some sort. Keeping my skin clean and hydrated helps a lot.

12. Pill Box

Always have a pain killer and/or a sleeping aid. I keep both. I don’t get headaches often, but the idea of being stuck on a flight with a headache makes me want to throw myself out the window of the plane while inflight. So does the idea of not being able to sleep. I love this pill box. My mom gave it to me as a gift. She picked it up at a little antique shop in Tennessee.

13. Earplugs

14. Credit Card

Having your credit card handy vs. up in your bag in the over head is great. Schlepping over your neighbors, then getting around the drink cart, and then in the overhead compartment is a nightmare. I don’t use this card a lot so I actually just leave it in the kit even when I am not traveling. This way I don’t forget it.

Don’t forget to throw in two of everything for the return flight. I almost always forget that too.

Any other flight necessities you need up in the air?

***beauty always comes from within, photo by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

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  • Montserrat Sobral

    I have never thought about using two sleeping masks but sounds perfect. Plus, the shape of the mask in the photo looks perfect for it. I will try this on my next flight

  • Victoria Larroque

    emergen c is the cure-all. Always preventing colds!!

    Hahah you should definitely market the airplane kit :D

  • Biana Perez

    Thanks so much for posting this girl! i’m travelling soon and love to see what everyone is packing so that I can tweak my list!! :) xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  • 365hangers

    This might be the perfect kit. LOVE and we’ll be sure to come back to check everything off our list before our next flight!

    xx 365Hangers

  • For Vanity’s Sake

    I haven’t been in a plane in about 12 years.. I will refer to this post next time I find myself travelling :)

  • Sarah

    haha that is THE business idea!!! You could get rich and famous! No, seriously, I want an airplane kit, too. I love little boxes or bags stuffed with tiny cosmetic tubs and usefull things. Great idea!
    xx, Sarah

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