Have you heard of reverse shampooing?

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Have you heard of reverse shampooing? Until last month, I had not. I’ve learned since, this is no new process for curly hair girls… Alas, I have straight hair. Have I been washing my hair wrong this whole time? Determined to find out I tried reverse shampooing for a month. The theory is that when you wash your hair, you can never quite rinse all the conditioner out – leaving a residue that weighs hair down and makes it flat, not bouncy. Therefore, by using the conditioner first, you still reap all the conditioning benefits but when you shampoo second the layer of residue is removed by the shampoo and leaves you with cleaner hair that needs to be washed less often and has way more volume – recreating the effects of freshly blow-dried hair. (more…)

Are Pedicures Necessary in Winter?


Essie’s disappearing trick cuticle remover pen has confirmed my suspicions that pedicures aren’t really necessary in the winter. Let me tell you why…
I’m often annoyed by the need to get my toes fixed up in the winter. As someone who doesn’t always even get color on my nails I know this seems odd, but there is no good way to get home from the salon in closed toe shoes without ruining the paint job. Let’s be honest… the cling wrap doesn’t work, the quick dry oil is alright if you don’t have far to walk, and the spray sitting above the hand dryers can’t handle socks, much less shoes. (more…)

Words of Wisdom – Amy Poehler

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