A Beginners Guide to Contouring

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Words of Wisdom – Gloria Steinem

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Cleansing Oil Shampoos


I’ve long read of the carefree clean hair dreams that cleansing oil shampoos make come true. I’m a big fan of any oil for just about anything. Face oils, body oils, massage oils, cleansing oils, oil based body washes… you name it, and if it has oil, I am probably on board. Which is why I’ve wanted to try, what I understand to be the master of all cleansing oil shampoos, Shu Uemura Cleasing Oil Shampoo (and conditioner, obviously.)

This brings me to one of the first things we need to get caught up on. If you remember, a long long time ago – in a land far far away, I said Until Next Time because I was concentrating on my day time gig. And, I did. It went well… I still am, in fact. I left Marc Jacobs (pre cultural appropriation scandal) and started working for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics & Fragrances at L’Orèal. Dream. Come. True.

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Oh! Hello There?

Oh! Hello There? I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me… and one couldn’t blame you. But, alas I am here. We have a lot to get caught up on. There’s been lots of personal beauty adventures, beautiful trips that provided tons of inspiration, photo muses, lessons learned, and occasionally some music & fashion.

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