There’s a thin line in skincare between trying too hard, which usually leads to breakouts because you are piling on products morning and night, and straight up lazy, which usually leads to breakouts because you don’t wash your makeup off before bed. This is gross… unless of course you’re really really tired and then it’s completely acceptable. I’d like to imagine somewhere in between is perfection which leads to a gorgeous natural glow. But, I don’t have time for that so I usually ride along the line of lazy and goal for the best I can. I’m happiest there.

As I am sure you’ve seen for a while now, “natural glow” is a thing. I am also pretty sure this is the by-product of #IWokeUpLikeThis which I fully supported as long as it meant I could go out the way I woke up because I do it every Saturday and having it be on trend was a dream come true. However, I was skeptical of glow. Natural glow seems like if it isn’t managed properly it can turn to regular ole greasy and I am already prone to that.

However, with the idea of replacing something else in my skincare routine, I opted to give a glow enhancer a try. And while the new gig is going pretty great, it’s got some perks that come in handy for a beauty blogger trying to keep it real.

Armani Prima Nourishing Glow Enhancer is an oil-in-gel which is as luxurious as it sounds. It felt like skincare as make-up to me. There is an instant gratification element to the glow that made my skin feel as if it was absorbing the moisture from my face lotion over and over again. I will say, I often feel this way when I apply oils and gels to my face. The overwhelming amount of moisture makes me think I must be doing something right for my skin. And, the stains on my pillow cases from going to sleep with a face full of oil is just one way I know I am kicking some wrinkle ass. So that wasn’t what impressed me with this product.

The way the product faded into my skin throughout the day impressed me most. I applied the oil-in-gel in the morning after I moisturized my face to lock in the moisture. I only applied it to the areas of my face that I wanted to glow… I did not apply it to my entire face. I felt like that was going to be an overkill. I focused on highlighting my cheek bones mostly. Usually after I drench my face with oil in the morning I find that around noon or so my face is a little bit oily, and then by 4:30 I’ve taken the train straight to greasy. Yuck. Armani Prima Glow Enhancer just sort of absorbed into my skin and left my cheeks as if I had recently put more lotion on by around 5pm. This is why I say it felt like make-up. It sort of just faded in and then I looked fine too. This I will take any day over looking greasy.

It was delightful.

***beauty always comes from within, photo created by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

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