Sometimes when things are painfully obvious, I find my self feeling embarrassed that once upon a time I didn’t know. That’s the emotion that best describes how I felt when I learned how to get every last drop of my lotions. One day, in the not so far past, I witnessed a co-worker and friend of mine cutting the top off her lotion bottle in the office. And, just like a child at the zoo, quickly I had a lot of questions. The first being, “What are you doing?”

Her response was so obvious that it pained my soul I had asked. Politely, she told me she “hates wasting lotion that is in the bottle and won’t squeeze out” so she cuts the top off and basically scoops it out. Duh.

Since then, I’ve been slashing the tops, sides, and bottoms off all my lotions because I hate wasting lotion too! Especially, expensive lotion which I love to splurge on. Then I realized probably everybody hates wasting lotion, and probably this isn’t an obvious solution to everyone. Or, Kontakt Os was it just me?

***beauty always comes from within, photo taken by Amanda, xoxo behind the mirror***


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